Stay Healthy While Travelling… But How?

We plan our holidays meticulously, we select places where we are going, pick up the best hotel that we can afford after looking at all the details, and make sure that there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy our favourite leisure activities. However, we forget to search and plan for one crucial item, what type of food is available at our holiday destination. Is it healthy and nutritious; do we plan to eat native food all the time, though we know our system is not used to eating spicy food. There are a few tips that will come in handy when you have reached your holiday destination and will never make you dyspeptic while travelling:

Junk Food Joint or Grocery Store:

When you feel hungry travelling in a car, and your hotel is far away, what you do? Generally people look out for a junk food eatery. But it is not at all good, if you are hungry, just look up for a store and get great and healthy stuffs from there. If you are looking for food in a grocery, please do not reach for your favourite comfort food or chips, there are other healthy choices of food available.

Avoid Eating Lots Of Food In One Sitting:

The food is delicious and your inclination is to go on eating from the spread in front of you. Hold on eating large meals in one sitting, this sends signal to your brain to store fat; if you plan to return from your travel with few added kilos then go ahead and eat to your heart’s content. On the other hand, if you want to keep a healthy diet, then go for a number of small meals in a day.

Must Include Protein In Your Diet:

Proteins are nutritious and a necessary food item, particularly when you are on a holiday and need extra energy to indulge in your favourite sport or travel for a long time. Even if you are a vegetarian there are plenty of food items like- dairy products, or grains with a legume, that contain the maximum amount of proteins. Eating multigrain bread with peanut butter or have corn tortilla and beans, will give you plenty of proteins.

Take Snacks On A Long Road Trip:

Take healthy snacks, if you are planning to go on a long road trip and are not likely to stop for a meal on the way. Skipping meals is not an option, and stuffing yourself with a gooey cake dripping with calories is also not an option. If you do not want your body to suffer sudden depletion of energy or your metabolism to go down drastically then pack some food items, like raw carrots, cucumber, or peas. Keep cartons of low fat yogurt, tasty berries, dried or fresh fruits, or keep boiled eggs in containers, stop and eat whenever you feel hungry.

Avoid food that has chemicals and too many calories:

There are bad food items that have chemicals which are not good at all for your body, e.g. packed deserts, deep fried items, sugary sweets or baked food that comes in packages. Avoid all food that makes you feel too full, and drink plenty of water. It is a good sense to take bottles of mineral water along with you when you are travelling.

While travelling, if you follow the mentioned steps you’ll definitely enjoy your trip to the fullest and won’t suffer with any sort of problems which can be raised via bad eating. Be careful!

Exercise and Yoga :

Its very hard to follow daily routine while traveling practicing yoga, Meditation can be helpful for to stay fit.

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