Adventure Trips: Some Well Known Destinations

Are you looking for the ultimate adrenaline high, or thirsting for lifetime adventure travel trips which do not despair? There are plenty of places you can visit for adventure. There are some ultimate adventure trips that you will remember for the rest of your life like climbing Mount Everest, flying off the edge of Eiger Mountain in Switzerland, riding the waves in Tasmania, skiing from K2 in Himalaya or crossing the Sahara desert. There are tourist agencies that take care and book holidays for those who long for adventurous holidays.

  •  Conquer Mount Everest:  Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world and many mountaineers long to stand at the top of Everest. Every year, many climbers attempt to climb Mount Everest; however, very few succeed in their quest. Nevertheless, there is an endless line of mountaineers who queue up to climb the mountain every season. The training is long and arduous and if you are not the type to go through long training you can also take a helicopter ride to the base camp. You may not get the same satisfaction, but you can always come back and talk to your friends about staying at the Base Camp.
  •  Fly off the edge of Eiger: Looking for that ultimate adventure, climb Eiger

and fly off the edge of the mountain in a Wingsuit. This is not only highly adventurous, but also very dangerous. Eiger is a ‘13,000 foot’ high mountain in the Swiss Alps. It has dangerously steep slopes and is covered with shale and ice. Its north face is steep, and about ‘5,905 foot’ high. The adventure seekers think this is the best place to fly down in Wingsuit from this dangerous edge. It takes roughly 2 minutes and some seconds to fly down.  Maybe mountains are not your cup of tea and you are more into surfing the big waves; then read on the next adventure that is made for you.

  •  Surfing Waves in Tasmania: A part of Tasmania, in Australia, is known for big waves and attracts surf riders from all over the world. Known as Shipsterns Bluff, it can be reached only by an hour boat ride from the nearest inhabited place. The seas are very rough and sometimes waves reach the height between 8 to 20 feet. The waves defeat the most experienced surfers because the sight of a huge volume of water rushing towards you at the fastest possible speed is an awesome sight yet it is pretty frightening as well. However, if you manage to surf the waves there is nothing more memorable than the moment when you are riding the wave towards the shore.
  •  K2 skiing adventure: K2 is the second highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest. It is not easily accessible and has very unpredictable weather.  Many mountaineers have died trying to climb K2; however, many ski mountaineers are trying and have not yet succeeded in skiing down K2. If you are a good skier and mountain climber, you can always try skiing down K2.

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