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Usage terms and conditions

The User Agreement

Basically, the usage terms are meant to make the users aware of the rules that govern the use of this particular website. While using the site, people must keep a few things in mind in order to use it in the right manner. The readers are also advised to keep themselves updated with periodically revised terms.

Trademarks And Copyrights
Any logo or trademark on the website that is symbolic of the site’s presence and its existence is the intellectual property of the site. Moreover, there might be many audio clips, graphical images, text and videos that solely belong to the website owner, they are copyrighted and cannot be used by any of the readers and users anywhere for any purpose. Infringement is vigorously defended.

Unlawful Use Is Prohibited
Making use of any of the services given by the youth mirror is an unlawful manner is strictly prohibited. Making use of the services in a disabling, overburdening, impairing or damaging manner is not allowed, these are meant for only usable and knowledge purposes. Gaining any unauthorized access attempt to any of the services, computer systems and other user’s accounts via hacking or password mining is also strictly restricted.

Liability’s Limitations
In any situation that out shows defamatory, threatening, derogatory, obscene and offensive step towards public morals, are purely unrelated to youth mirror. We are not responsible for any such content or illegal facts. By accepting the terms and policies, the users agree to this section and are self-responsible for their work.

Account Termination
Youth mirror holds complete right of terminating any user account at any point of time if the particular user refuses or act against any policies of the site. Depending on the severity of the damage done the user account is liable to any kind of suspension, restriction, termination or refusal of any kind of services. The users are free to terminate their accounts any time however; the user’s information might remain stored within the servers after the account termination as well.

Link To The Other Sites
Any kind of content present on youth mirror is for general use only. Youth mirror does not advise its users to rely solely on what the site says. The replies of the users over the articles, notices and comments are nothing but the user’s personal opinions. Hence believing any opinions and performing any action based on the same that lead to unwanted consequences will not hold any relation to youth mirror.

User’s Submissions
There are certain sections of youth mirror that are open for users to submit their materials and thoughts. The accuracy, conformity or content is not the responsibility of youth mirror. Any kind of claims and demands based on the posted materials will certainly not be catered by the website.
Infecting systems with any kind of Trojans at any time is restricted. Users are not allowed to delete any content from the site. Use of site in a damaging manner is not at all welcomed.

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