Hindi – The Symbol Of India’s Strength

English is the most widely used language in any part of the world even in India it is so. Right from the northern Himalayas to the Southern tip of the peninsula, part of using the regional and local language, English is one language that everyone understands and speaks. Hence, it is a very common notion that a person who speaks in English is a “gentleman” and those who speak in Hindi have a low standard compared to them. However it is a very wrong and biased notion. Hindi, being the National language of India should not be looked down upon by anyone. There is more than one valid reason to prove it.

India comprises of many different states. Apart from a few Southern States mostly all remaining states have knowledge of Hindi apart from English and their regional language. Maybe their dialect is different, but they all speak some form of Hindi language.

After English in almost all government and private schools and colleges there is a provision of Hindi and Bengali and then other foreign languages. Hence, Hindi is even taught and learnt as a language in all the states in all the schools usually. In these educational institutions, students are even taught about the Hindi poets and authors. They are made to learn their literature and many take up Hindi in their higher studies as well. Many students go on to complete their bachelor’s degree, their master’s degree and even attain a PhD in Hindi language. After such great influence on the educational institutions is would be inappropriate to stereotype Hindi as the language of the sub standards. Above all Hindi Divas or Hindi Day is still celebrated by school children. On this very day students recite Hindi poems, prose, sing and dance on Hindi songs. There are many Hindi poetry forums and literature discussions that take place throughout the country. Many seminars are held in respected schools and colleges in Hindi and it gives the equal importance to our national language.

Another point to be noted is that the Hindi television and film industry located in Bombay is one of the biggest industries in the field of entertainment. From the inception of films, even though regional industries came to a standstill and are now being revived, the Hindi film industry or the Bollywood has single headedly ruled all parts of India. Even International countries like America, England, Canada and Australia have an Indian base and people watch Indian Hindi Films and daily soaps there.

The popularity of Hindi newspapers and television channels are also not so limited. People from all strata are of lives join and watch Hindi channels and read Hindi newspapers. Apart from newspapers and television programmes, there are also many magazines, periodicals, journals that come out in Hindi. Many people contribute to it and make it a huge success.

Hindi, being the one language which everyone understands and has actually become a means of bridging communication gaps between all sorts of people. It is a language that unifies India, it is a language that guides this country and it is a much respected and valued possession of the Indians which they should cherish for centuries to come. Respect HINDI- Respect COUNTRY…

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