Gift Your Upcoming Generation Fresh And Virtuous Habitat By Planting Trees

Research has shown that people who live in cramped cities tend to change their mood and their eyes relax by simply seeing greenery. This is because we are supposed to expose our eyes to green vegetation, thus helping reduce radiation towards the eyes. For this reason, it’s common to find that people who live in rural areas surrounded by more greenery have fewer eyesight problems since they are exposing their eyes to less sunlight radiation and glare.

Trees help creating a link between different generations

Yes, everybody knows that trees help to clean the atmosphere, purify the air, reverse the ozone effect and attract rain. But, there are some other effects of the sun, which also need to be observed, however, it should handle like a personal responsibility to have a beneficial effect on planting trees. Tree to grow into being a historic reminder of previous generations and families who have larger pieces of land tend to have trees planted by each generation helping tighten the bond between the different family members from each generation.

Trees are a renewable source of energy

Fuel wood has also been a source of energy used for generations and scarcities in fuel, food have only been experienced in the past century due to over-exploitation and lack of proper forest management and reforestation. This has a result, in deforestation of large tracks of land which have not been regrown resulting in the shortage. By each person making it the responsibility to plant an x number of trees each year, the number of trees will definitely grow without people needing to place special attention towards growing trees. Even ensuring you add 1 tree to the environment each year will have a long term effect and help generating fuel wood and reducing the pressure on natural forested areas.

Trees that produce important byproducts

When trees are discussed, many people will limit trees to producing timber and fuel wood, but trees produce much more that this with many producing special oils, resins and glue used for different purposes. One such example is the gun tree which produces rubber which is used to manufacture vehicles’ wheels and most other rubber products. Many people will not realize their 99% of all moving vehicles depend on rubber trees. This is just one example of a tree- few people will know regarding and not even take the time to consider its importance until discussed in public. Besides manufacturing raw materials, you may find that many trees and plants also produce medicinal properties.

This shows the importance of planting trees and reinforces the need of people to plant a tree in their surroundings. But at the same time it’s important that some research is performed on the trees and plants and trees which have certain benefits planted thus helping serve two purposes at the same time, one being to create added greenery and the other to produce certain by-products needed in the manufacturing industries today.

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