Dependency On Technology- Good Or Bad For Us?

No doubt, technology has influenced the way we live like no other thing has ever done, and the technology will still be a huge part of our lives forever. But we are becoming overly dependent on it, at least some of us! Many kids nowadays don’t even know how to use a dictionary because Google’s got everything. Every day we see people strolling down the street glued to their phones. The truth is that technology has become an inseparable part of our lives and we cannot live without some technological aids. But we also should realize that becoming too dependent on technology isn’t good and you shouldn’t be affected when your phone has gone for repairing. Just because we are reliable on tech, it doesn’t have to mean that we are dependable on it, you have to work on yourself.


“Patrick, 20 years old, fond a lot of movies and every time to book his shows in the theatre, he just clicks few buttons on his mobile and booked the show.”

Technology has uncountable advantages; you get work done much faster, easier and in a more convenient way. Efficiency and speed are the biggest factors why machines are being chosen in place of human workers. For Example- agribusiness is one such sector that has to use high-end technology in order to fill our stomachs. Technology also is why you know what’s going on pass the border, and also what your long-time-no-see cousin is doing. Not only booking a show, but everything we can do while sitting at home and can get the same very soon in front of us without standing in a queue… Thanks To Technology!


Rubia, 11 years old, all the time busy with her phone and not able to concentrate on her studies as all the time she thinks what messages she have got in her social media profiles and feeling like chit and chat all the time.” 

As shown in an example, YES, there is also a downside of the technological advances happening right now while you are reading. Before you know it, you get extremely dependent on technology and the leisure it offers. Getting used to air-conditioned rooms, watching TV while studying, always glued on your phone screen; these are a handful of symptoms that prove that you are way too much dependant on technology and forgetting who is sitting with you.

Taking a balanced approach

It is obvious that we are reliable on tech for almost all our aspects of life; whether you’re in a bus or in the ICU. But being completely dependent on technology is not the answer at all. Instead of going everywhere in your car, try to jog there. Go hang out with your friends instead of chatting with them. Find some hobbies that can keep you busy and distracted from your phone, laptop etc. You should also try to keep a fixed time when you can turn on the computer and television, which means you are restricting yourself from your bad habits.

It’s not that you shouldn’t take advantage of technological amenities, but you shouldn’t get too addicted to these resources. But you have to admit that life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. ISN’T IT?

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