Privacy Policy

Youth mirror respects the privacy and the personal space of all its users. Moreover, here at youth mirror, the experts are committed to their duty of providing complete protection and privacy to its members in all possible respects. At a certain point in time, the users are asked to fill up their personal information including the name, sex, age, email address, pin code, interest, occupation and many alike, these are solely for facilitating the youth mirror in providing the users with personalized information and a user friendly experience as well. Youth mirror’s web servers are liable to the collection of some limited information regarding the user’s internet connection including the IP address at the time of first sign in. This particular information is utilized in tailoring youth mirror as per the requirements of the users, measuring traffic and knowing which geographical area has most of the youth mirror users.

The youth mirror at some point may also make use of the cookies and much more similar electronic tools for collecting the information that is of all distinct users who are generated random numbers for making use of the identified computers for individual interest. Until and unless one volunteers and identifies oneself there is no way anyone can know who the user is. Not even if the cookies are assigned, nobody can find out the real user. The advertisers might even assign the cookies of their own to the browser that is not controlled by the same.

At many points the users might come across different distinct links leading to some other web pages. These are used by youth mirror keeping their own privacy policies in mind and beyond the control of the users. Once, the user leaves the server any kind of information made use of by the user is nowhere concerned to youth mirror. The privacy policy of the linked site may not hold any resemblances with that of the youth mirror hence care is to be taken.

Making use of the statistical data and information, youth mirror helps the advertisers in understanding the user’s needs, requirements, and areas of interest and latest trends. A database stored on the site’s server is always secured behind a firewall and can be used. Access to this database is generally very limited and is always password protected. Effective security measures taken by the site makes any kind of foreign penetration almost impossible. The aggregated stat over youth mirror is liable to be utilized for multiple purposes. The users of youth mirror are contacted over time, being informed about the content update that can be used for benefitting the users. All the information gathered is safely stored on the database.

However, internet is an ever changing medium. Millions of changes take place every second. At any time there might be changes in the site and the privacy policy of youth mirror. These might further be later subjected to some changes if required. Your safety is our guarantee along with a safe and wonderful experience at youth mirror.

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