Order SSL certificate-how is it?

Data abuse and phishing attacks on the web have made us very careful when visiting websites and filling in Online forms. What use is the most attractive Shop Design and Hammer offers if customers are not willing to provide passwords, address data or even their bank details when ordering? The same uncertainty among users is caused by websites where personal data has to be entered or which one wants to use to upload and Download files.

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$1 web hosting, cheap reseller hosting

SSL certificates give the visitors of website confidence and security because they provide information about the page on which they are currently moving. This is the reason why a website where sensitive data is queried should be secured with an SSL certificate.

SSL certificate – what is it? How to order an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are available in different security levels and price classes. Regardless of which security level you choose, the data transmission is encrypted on all SSL-certified websites. The currently most widely used encryption method for the Transport Layer Security Protocol (TSL), further development of the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL). All inputs and data transmitted in this way are protected from access by third parties.

In general, there are three types of SSL certificates:

  • Domain SSL (the applicant’s Domain will be checked)
  • Organization SSL (the applicant’s Domain name and Trade Register entry are checked)
  • Extended Validation SSL (the Domain name, Trade Register entry and other information about the applicant, such as the company’s Registered office, are checked) Extended validated web pages are clearly visible by a Green Address Line in the browser window.

Organization SSL and Extended Validation SSL are multi-domain certificates, that is, for an extra charge, these certificates can be used not only to secure one but several domains. If you want to include Subdomains in addition to your Domain, the certificates domain SSL Wildcard and organization SSL Wildcard are available.

What products do you need for an SSL certificate?

The basic prerequisite for the implementation of an SSL certificate, a static IP address. For this reason, you need either a $1 web hosting or a self-administered System. The Server Name indication web pages can be, with their respective Domains associated with an IP address and thus be clearly identified. Optionally, SSL certificates can then be assigned to the IP address or the respective Domain. cant.

Managed Server or cheap reseller hosting

For example: WebServer, WebServer Dedicated“, MailServer or MailServer Dedicated.

Self-Administered Systems

For example: Virtual Server, Root server Private Cloud Server or Individual Server.

How does an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate consists of at least two components, a Private Key and the Public Key or the certificate itself. When ordering, the Private Key and the so-called Certificate Signing Request CSR are generated. While the private Key remains in the applicant’s possession, the Certificate Signing Request CSR is sent to the responsible CA. Once it has verified the authenticity of the relevant data, the Certificate Signing Request CSR is returned to the applicant with a digital signature provided by the certification authority. This is now the actual certificate (CRT), which is only functional in conjunction with the private Key. Depending on the certification body, one or more intermediate certificates may be required.

Order SSL certificate: you should note This

The easiest way is to order the SSL certificate directly with the corresponding server product. However, you can also order an SSL certificate at any time for a Hosting product. In both cases, the actual order and set-up take place via our customer information System (KIS). Under Products, select Service, and then click SSL certificates.

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