What Is Better- To Be An Entrepreneur Or To Be A Service Employed?

What Is Better- To Be An Entrepreneur Or To Be A Service Employed-

The entire commercial sector is divided in two parts, first one is entrepreneur that uses to offer job and other one is services employed that use to work for an entrepreneur. These two different sectors of business are always interdependent on each other and it is not possible to work without these two groups. But after this also there is a huge discussion and dispute had been found about them that is which more is preferred and better to be an entrepreneur or a service employed. There is no solution of it as both are having need and without one another is not able to get success. But you want to be is totally depends on you.


An entrepreneur is an owner of a Business Empire who uses to arrange all the products and commodities of the business as well as implement business logics. As much the business grows and profit earned by the entrepreneur get direct profits and if there are losses in the business then also an entrepreneur has to bear the same. Any entrepreneur if starts the business then it is essential to arrange the place and setup infrastructure, manage staff, resources and also arrange the huge investment to gather the same. They also required arranging the payments for their employees as well as they should be always ready to have losses or profits.

Service employed

Service employed or worker is a person who uses to work under any entrepreneur or any business or organization. A service employee use to sell their skills or efforts for the company and in return get a satisfied pay from the entrepreneur of a company. A service employee will get fixed pay and there is no connection from the profit or loss of the business to the salary as they will be getting paid that is decided earlier for their services. Therefore, services employed do not have any risk or fear of loss and they will always get for what they use to work. So, this can be preferred by those who want to stay risk free life and earn a fixed amount without giving an external effort so that you will not have any loss.

Entrepreneur vs. service employed

Entrepreneurs are owner of the company therefore they are directly responsible for the profit or loss as well as reputation of their business and only they use to share their business completely. While self employed are the workers who use to work for fixed amount and they have no relation with the profit and loss of the company. It is up to company owner whether they want to share profit with their staff or not and for this you cannot say anything. Also a service employee always uses to be a perfectionist so that it leads the firm. If you won’t perform well then you may be fired near in further. If any person wants to become entrepreneur then he has to be strong financially always ready for investment and take a risk while services employed do not suppose to invest or need to be financially strong as they can earn for their skills. Entrepreneur is a decision maker and their entire workers have to follow it without arguments.

Now, it is up to you that which area you would like to have and what you want to be that is taking a risk and become Entrepreneur or being safe by a service employed.

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