Private Vs Public Jobs- Which Is Better And What To Choose?

Private Vs Public Jobs- Which Is Better And What To Choose

A job may be defined as a collection of tasks which is basically done in exchange of a determined or pre-determined remuneration. Often people classify job as full time or part time job, physical or mental job, contractual or regular job, private or public jobs etc. Depending upon the nature and style jobs are either routine or exciting depending upon the environment and conditions in which they prevail. In today’s topic we will be discussing about private v/s public jobs and which one offers better scope.

Private Sector Jobs: As we all know private sector is a sector which not state or government controlled. It is run by individuals for the priority aim of profit. Hence jobs created by this sector are basically known as Private sector jobs. Let us classify the advantages of private sector jobs:

  1. One may enjoy an accelerated growth phase in a private sector organization. Disregarding the fact of vintage if one is talented and hardworking then there are almost no barriers for him or her. He or she may very soon claim a top position.
  2. There are numerous types of employment opportunities in private sector in different departments. One can shift his gears from one department to another since there is no dearth of work.
  3. The in hand remuneration and various perks are very attractive in private sector but one should always keep in mind that all these perks are performance linked.

Public Sector Jobs: The sector which is controlled and managed by government (weather central or state) is known as Public sector and accordingly the jobs created in this sector are known as public sector jobs. Let us classify the advantages of public sector jobs:

  1.  It is often seen in private sector organizations that non performing employees are either asked to leave or forced to leave which is not the case in public sector. Here one’s performance has no role to play in the stability of one’s job.
  2. Public sector organization offers a sense of social security in the sense that after retirement also the employees continue to receive pension, other emoluments etc which is not the case in private sector organizations.
  3. The working environment in a public sector organization is much less stressful as compared to the environment in private sector organizations, if any employee is extending his hours due to increase in work then he is entitled for overtime pay.

                 If we open up the debate as to which type of job is better than finding the conclusion will be quite difficult since individuals have different types of personalities. For example a person who is outgoing, young and energetic may best fit in a private sector organization. On the other hand a person who is risk averse and prefers a safe bet may opt for a public sector profile. It thus depends on a person profile and personality traits as to what type of job best fits.

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