Life After MBA – Expectations May Or May Not Be Met

Life After MBA – Expectations May Or May Not Be Met

MBA created a different world altogether in the professional education sector during the nineties. Though some government universities started offering this course much earlier but the popularity levels raised once the private institutions came into play. An MBA course then aimed at changing an individual’s life completely.

     It is often human nature that we imagine our future life styles in the sense that if someone is about to get married in five to six months then he or she will draw out a picture of his future life in his or mind. Obviously some of the expectations will be underachieved and some will be overachieved giving a sense of overachievement or underachievement to the individual. Similarly during an MBA when often imagine his future lifestyle which may or may not fall place as per one’s expectations. Some of the common observations which are observed in an MBA graduate life’s are:

  1. An MBA graduate encounters a very busy schedule of life once he enters the job market. The timings are stressed and people also work more than regular office hours to meet the expectations of seniors. It is usually found that very less number of people efficiently manage their work and personal life however as the span of time passes by people learn to adjust their timings.
  2. If you have graduated from a reputed school then no doubt the salaries will be enriching but seldom people find a pleasurable time to spend that money on their means of enjoyment.
  3. An MBA course and life after MBA course teaches you how to live within the deadlines as students in an MBA course follow project and presentation deadlines, similarly people at work follow more stringent deadlines in terms of sales targets, financial targets, operational targets etc.
  4. Life after MBA often teaches you to sometimes shelve off your personal relationships in the sense that one is so engrossed in his or her busy professional life that we do not even sometimes take part in close family celebrations. I have seen people marrying on internet due to the reason that one of the two partners was being unable to take out time for his marriage as he was constantly busy for longer period of time.
  5. It is also often seen that after graduating from MBA people find themselves engrossed in common prototype jobs due to which they tend to rarely devote some time to their hobbies or passion etc. This is due to the reason of financial in security these jobs are no doubt good paying hence one feels reluctant to take a chance with them and divert his or her mind toward other activities.

An MBA course teaches us very important aspect of time management in the sense that how much time should be devoted to which activity in which preference hence one should accordingly devote or manage his time accordingly instead of prototyping others. One should live to work not work to live.

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