Life After Hotel Management Courses- A Study

Life After Hotel Management Courses -A Study

Life after hotel management courses can be a dream comes true for many as it is all about ease to eyes surroundings, lucrative salary, sometimes good food, accommodation is there in a hotel for free and many more other discounts. All students who pass the hotel management courses are definitely going to land in a job. The matter is only how much salary and their ambition. This article will throw some light on their ambitions on the choice for them. After graduating from the hotel management institutes there is a wide range of career options available for all the students. Here you can see the opportunities for the students, life, salary and all.

Hotel Industry

When you complete the hotel management course first thing come to your mind is about joining a five or seven star hotel. The hotel industry has plenty of job opportunities to offer. You can get placement in various types of hotels starting from Indian chain of five star hotels such as Taj, Oberoi and Welcome group and to international giants like Hyatt, Sheraton and the list will be no end. You can get a job in any department like Front office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage service and food production depending upon their skills, knowledge and their interest.

Talking about the salary for entry level is around 10,000 to 15,000 per month. If you join as a management trainee then salary will be 20,000 as a stipend and it can vary as per the hotels. After the training any hotels can placed as assistant managers to you. Your salary and promotion depends on your work performance.

Secondly you can get employment in a chain of restaurants like KFC, Ruby Tuesday, Mc Donald’s and Pizza hut too. There are no end opportunities for hotel management pass outs as there is always in demand of good and honest guys. You can also join a hotel in an abroad too and definitely you will get good salary with good experience too.

Airline Industry

The Airline industry offers the second best chance for hotel management students. You can join any airline industry as an Air Hostess and Flight Stewards. Some can join as ground working staff and some as Public Relationship officers. All they have to undergo a training program. Talking about salary in the Airline industry for domestic airlines it is around 25,000 and 50,000 for International airlines. The luxury cruise lines attract students with much higher pay package starting with 70,000 depending upon their experience.

Retail Sector

The retail sector has a wide range of placement for hotel management students to offer. It includes PVR Malls, Back office jobs, Receptionist in Corporate offices, Hospitals and BPO industry. Talking about salary you will get 10,000 to 15,000 per month in starting.


Teaching is also the best option and they can join any IHMs or private colleges after one year of experience depending upon your academic performance. In the beginning you can join as assistant lecturer and after two years experience you will be eligible to become a lecturer.

Talking about salary in the beginning salary will be about 10,000 per month and will go up with your experience. The salary varies from organization to organization.


This is another and one of the best option available for hotel management graduates. After completing the course you can start your own restaurant/ hotel after getting enough experience. You can start catering services by providing dishes for marriages, parties and more. As an entrepreneur the salary is unlimited you can earn as per your hard work and smart work.

These above are the best options for many aspirants after completing hotel management courses. The life after hotel management course is best as it is a job of joy, interest and good remuneration and doesn’t want the same? Try it, it will give you lot. All the best!

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