How to Prepare for LIC AAO Examination

How to Prepare for LIC AAO Examination

The LIC AAO exam or LIC (Assistant Administrative Officer Examination) is held every year for recruitment in office cadre position in LIC. This success in this exam and qualification in subsequent interview guarantees a person’s entry into the prestigious organization known as LIC. The whole selection process is divided into two parts wherein Part – I contains written test covering topics of reasoning, general knowledge, verbal ability etc. On the other hand, Part – II contains the interview portion. Let us look forward at some points that can give us an overview as to how one can prepare best for the LIC AAO examination:

  1. Focus on Strong Areas: During the time of preparation, one should know his or her strong areas for example one may be good at reasoning and English or other person may be good at mathematics or general awareness. We should prepare our strong subjects very well and should aim towards scoring maximum marks in those subjects.
  2. Planning the Preparation: One should very well plan his or her preparation, some students only focus on their strong areas and leave the weak areas behind which results in dis-qualification since these days entrance examinations also have section cut offs. On the other hand, some students keep on preparing their weak areas repeatedly and leave their strong areas as a matter of overconfidence. One should try to balance his or her time among all the areas of examination so that each topic is covered.
  3. Identify your strong Topics: It is not necessary that if you are good at mathematics then each topic in mathematics will excite you, for example people liking mathematics may not like some portions of geometry in such case try to focus on your likings first so that topics of your interest are very well prepared. As far as topics of dis-interest are concerned, try to know the basics of these topics so that you are able to solve at least the sitters.
  4. Regular Coaching: Some people have a tendency to work in routines, for people like those it is best that they opt for regular day-to-day coaching which will fix their routine of preparation. The advantage of this method is that these candidates will know their fixed preparation hours. In addition, coaching institutes conduct regular tests and feedback sessions that enable students to take on their weak areas.
  5. Right Selection of Material: Selection of right study material is of utmost importance since right study material enables us to grasp things at a faster pace; also right study material makes it easy for us to remember those tricks for a longer duration of time. These days vast amount of online material is also available for preparation.
  6. Shortcut Techniques: The candidate must make sure that he or she is well aware with short cut techniques that need to be followed in these types of examinations. Subjects like mathematics, reasoning and data analysis short cut techniques.
  7. Check and Revise: One must constantly follow the check and revise strategy in order to succeed in these types of examinations. The check and revise strategy enables you to identify your mistakes at right point of time before it is too late.

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