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how to be successful in competitive exams


 “Nothing succeeds like success”, for one who has tasted success, this comes to him/ her naturally. Thus we find some people achieving great heights in whatever they do, while on the other hand   there are quite a few unfortunate ones, who have to bear the ignominy of failure. There is however no mistaking the external facade of success, for behind it are qualities that are imperative for achieving it.

These days’ students have to face various competitive exams in order to enter into a decent college or to get a good government job. As we all have heard that Success is ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration. This signifies that there is no shortcut to success.  Hard work is the only key to success. Besides hard work there is a need of a few other qualities which a discussed below:

1. PREPARE A STRATEGY: The prerequisite for success is to prepare a Strategy as to how you are going to crack the exam. There should be a clear vision of what you want to achieve. In other words I could say that before starting your preparations for the exam, you have to decide your goal and target. This includes short term as well as long term goals.

2. PLAN HOW TO ACHIEVE THE TARGETS: Make your daily targets and plan how to achieve them. Cover up the syllabus you have decided for the day and solve the chapter wise question papers. Make short notes of the topics too need to remember and revise them daily.

3. SPEED: Focus on your speed from the day one because the speed to solve the question makes you better than your competitor. While solving a question paper keep a timer and try to finish the paper in the given time.

4. READ NEWS PAPER: Make habit of reading daily (English) newspapers. This will increase your general knowledge and will improve your comprehension as well. Keep jotting down the new words you come across and find their meaning and usage. This will help you in improving your vocabulary. Try to Read the editorial column daily in order to improve our essay writing skills (for state and government services exams)

5. REVISION: Go for frequent revisions. After completing a few of your targets revise them. Revise your important notes. Remember that without a proper revision there is no use of completing the huge syllabus.

6. PRACTICE WRITING: Read essays from daily newspapers, magazines and other publications. Keep track of the latest topics. Read online publications as well. Practice writing answers and essays with clear and readable handwriting. Check your speed. Practice solving the essay type questions.

7. HAVE PATIENCE: Just as rolling stone gather no moss, we should also be patient to wait for the outcome.

8. POSITIVE MINDSET: The last but not the least prerequisite for the success, is a positive mindset. Visualize your success frequently and optimistically because EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON WAS LIKE YOU BEFORE THEY CRACKED A COMPETITIVE EXAM!!

These are some of the attributes that would help you to win a competitive exam. There is however one more factor over which we have no control, that is destiny, fate. Abraham Lincoln recognized it, when he said, “I claim not to have controlled events, but plainly confess that events controlled me.” Better you follow

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