Career In Teaching: Be The “Engineer” Of New World!

What is education? Is it a process of acquiring knowledge? Or it is uncovering of real potential and passion? When it comes to ‘education’ we are always confused. We often assume that it is related to acquiring degrees and knowledge.  If we contemplate on what is the real meaning of ‘education’; first we need to deal with the questions like who the right teacher is and what the right teaching method is?

Teaching is a challenging work as it is not only related to teach targeted subject only but the teacher has to help student to discover his hidden potential and passion.  Teachers build characters of the students, they help to grow democracy, they plant seeds of ethics in society and we can call them- they are the engineers of the new world.

Swami Vivekanda said that, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.” It means, whatever helps to uncover our real potential, is the education. And the teacher who helps to uncover our real potential is the ideal teacher.

Importance of Career in Teaching

     1.    Character Building:

Teaching is not only related to teach a targeted subject but it has broader objectives too. To build the character of a child is the primary object of the teacher. It will help to make good society and eventually the country. We often complain about the society, how is the society is losing value, how the corruption is increasing, how crime is increasing etc. But if we care about building good character of a child; there will be no complaints in future. As the sculpture creates idol, the teacher creates ‘human being’.

  2.    Complete Development Of Personality:

 To help students to discover his/her passion, student’s hobby and where their potential is, is the main objective of a teacher. It not only helps to students to know him/ her but also helps to develop student’s personality completely by which they can face life and survive through critical circumstances.

    3.   Democracy:

Teacher is not the only ‘leader’ of students but he is also ‘friend’ of students.  If the teacher has a democratic approach towards students it will help to make student confident, cooperative and responsible citizen. For the survival of democracy; the approach of teachers is important.

  4.     Social Ethics:

Nowadays many old person’s complaint that, “present society is lacking a touch of humanity; in our time how people would care about each-other, but that humanity we can’t see today”. It is the duty of a teacher to make society based on values, humanity and ethics. Students always imitate the teacher, if teacher himself will care about ethics in his daily activities; students will carry those ethics throughout their life. Ethics means a code of conduct, how we behave with other people. It is about forming and caring about relationships in the society. Flowers of Ethics in the garden of society will help to make the world more beautiful.

5.     Challenging Career:

Teaching is challenging, to know the students psychologically, to make them understand difficult subject easily, to help them to discover their passion and to do this every year with new students; these all are challenging work. It requires a great deal of creativity and attention towards the students. To help students to discover their passion; the teacher himself has to discover his passion in the first place, and then only he can help students. Teaching is not only related to “teach targeted subjects” as mentioned above but it is the job of learning how students behave, it is learning about the human mind, it is the engineering of new societies and hence it is challenging.

            Teacher must be a good leader and a good friend. This world can be more beautiful and peaceful only by the efforts of teacher because they are the engineer of the new world and hope this world will bloom in all sort of phases.

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