Are You “Jack Of All Trades”? Then Journalism Is Best Career Option For You

Journalism is a profession having wide range of diversity and flexibility which offers significant career opportunities.

Son is primarily educated by his mother in the same way students are educated by teacher and society is educated by mass media. If you have a passion to educate the people with the help of entertainment and updated information the best option for you is career in Journalism. Because these three ‘education, entertainment and information’ are the basic objects of journalism.

            Journalism is not only about educating people but it is the medium between society and government. If the government doing something wrong journalist has a duty to “educate” people about it and if government policies are not being reached to the grass roots i.e., people; journalist has to inform the government about it. Thus, it is the medium which demands awareness about everything.

Advantages Of Career In Journalism

1.        Makes You Aware:

Journalism deals with the incidents happening around us all over the world. It makes us aware about each and everything which help us in decision making and to plan future strategies.

2.       Help To Crack Competitive Exams:

Forty percent syllabus of any competitive exam is based on current affairs. Entire subjects of competitive exams in relation of General or current affairs can be covered if you are a good reader of newspapers.  Journalists deal with each and every current affair sections to make honest, good and crystal clear news so they need to watch and understands present incidents very carefully.

3.       Making new friends:

Journalist meets a wide range of famous people in politics as well as in entertainment, literature etc. fields. Those who want to make new friends journalist is the best way for them. The base of getting news is ‘communication’ and if you are good at making friends, you can be the best journalist.

4.      Widens Mentality:

The horizon of our understanding is increased by the study of journalism because it deals with various subjects. All subjects for example, politics, entertainment, economics, religion, sports, literature, music, medical etc.  are meant for news. And if you are a “jack of all trades”, then you can be the perfect journalist.

Who Can Opt Out This Sector?

1.      Challenging:

Journalism is a very challenging profession. Every day you have to meet out with deadlines. You have to work under a limited time and limited space for words and simultaneously you have to maintain standards at work. Those who are easily get tired of doing the same work every day; journalism is the best profession for them just because who knows what is going to happen next moment; every day you have to deal with  new and changing work here.

2.     Travelling:

Those who like to travel and meet new people; journalism is the best way to fulfill their desire. A journalist needs to be there where important incident is happening and the travel expenses will be done by your employer.

3.     Significant Career Opportunities:

Study of journalism has various opportunities especially when online journalism is in emerging phase. For instance a Journalist can be a journalist, editor, public relation officer, news reader, news anchor, translator, proofreader, public relation officer in advertisement, freelance writer etc. Journalism is diverse and flexible profession which offers a wide range of career opportunity.

 To be a good journalist you need an inquiring mind, excellent and precise writing, talking skills, ability to handle the work pressure as well as the deadlines, knowledge of media laws and the most important is persistence. So interested guys connect with this sector and spread the genuine news to the world. All the very best!

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