Analysis Of Life After Tourism Courses

Analysis Of Life After Tourism Courses

Life After Tourism Courses is all about your career with many openings for tourism graduates in India and abroad. You can get jobs in government and private sectors once you passed this course. The potential is largely untapped. In the public sector there are opportunities in the Department of Tourism in the state and central governments.  There are many categories and according to your degree the openings will vary. In the private sector you can join the private travel agencies; tour operators, tourist guides and the list go on. With the opening up of airlines you can also get placements in the airline industry as well. After working for a few years you can start your own travel and tourism business.

Career Options

Tourism Department

In the tourism department there are various categories for you to get placements. To get a government job you have to take staff selection commission examinations. The job openings in tourism are reservation and counter staff, sales and marketing staff, tour planners, and tour guides. India with large places to visit for local and international tourists offers plenty of openings in the tourism sector in governments.

Salary will be according to government rules. Cannot match the private sector but will be decent enough to go for the job.

Airlines Industries

Working in an airline is the second option for tourism graduates to offer placements. You can join as ground staff or in flights is an exciting option for many people these days. In airlines the openings will be more such as reservation and counter staff, traffic assistance, customer services, and sales and marketing staff.  Working in airlines means that you can fly to various destinations which you have never seen before.  Some airlines offer family package on an annual basis for you with free tickets. You can get openings in Air India, jet airways, British airways, Spice jet, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and more.

Salary will be of decent matching as per the current pay scale in the industry.

Tour Operators

You can join a travel and tourism agency. Tour operator’s conduct many tours to various tourist spots and manage their travel both stay and travel. Tour operators are operating in local, national and international levels. Tour operators need to sell their services and require tourism graduates to do the job. One additional point is that you should know more than one language. As tour operator you should lead a team of tourists to many places such as hill stations.

Travel Agents

As a travel agent you can join and start your own booking office. You can arrange cars for pick up and drop to airports, railway stations, from office, hotel and all. As a travel agent you must know about passport and other travel related documents. You should serve customers with a smile and it is most important to gel up with your client. You should posses a pleasing personality and good communication skills and they both are the added values.

Hotel Industry

The hotel industry also offers jobs to tourism graduates. India needs more than a lakh people in the tourism industry. With tourist arrivals from domestic and international on the rise more guides are needed.

Life after tourism courses are indeed looking bright for students. They can use this experience to see many places, meet diverse and different culture, languages and more exciting for you. Your life after tourism courses is secured must try it.

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