Stomach Filling Yet Negative Calorie Food

There isn’t any food that has zero calories, and believe me… You don’t want to consume food with no calories. Calories keep you alive and are very important, but you have to be careful about the amount of calories you consume as high calorie count can lead to a number of heart diseases, obesity etc.  Negative calorie food actually means, ‘food which takes more energy to digest than it provides’ which means you lose fat. This process of ingesting negative calorie food has been proved to be much better compared to dieting, as you are still getting some calories in.

Negative calorie foods have to give the right amount of energy to keep you standing, and keep you slim. Negative calorie foods, mostly include:

HO2 Sources: If you are sick and tired of gulping down gallons of water to stay slim…it is much better to eat cucumbers. They are a great source of water and have negative calories. Also watermelon is a great source of negative calories and of course, as its name suggests…WATER.

Fruits: Not all fruits, but citrus fruits, in particular, have the negative calories you need, and also have vital nutrients. Along with citrus fruits, apples also are in the list. So, a couple of apples a day will keep you from getting fat. Strawberries also are a must eat on the list; it contains all the nutrients needed for glowing skin and also very low on calories.

Vegetables: Broccoli is literally the ‘King of Veggies’ in this list. Its taste may not be very palatable, but it provides very much fibre…essential in the weight loss program. The next big thing in the list is cauliflower…if you’re totalling those carbs and miss potato, try oiling and mashing cauliflower. You’ll be surprised how similar it tastes to the genuine thing.

Beverages: Green tea is by far the best negative calorie beverage you can find and also cleans your inner system. Water is a ‘must have’ on this list…it keeps your metabolism buzzing and if you stay hydrated, you stay keyed up and alert all the day. Drinking 2 glasses before any meal also keeps you from eating much.

All these above foods are the ultimate weight loss foods and you should definitely give a try to all of them…then see the transformation happen. There are many more superfoods that you can try, but losing weight doesn’t mean that you completely leave the tasty food. You should keep the balance between health and taste, and seriously it’s not that hard. In the end, you don’t want to faint in the party for which you were dieting because you don’t have any energy. Try up my suggestions and rock your life by keeping your body HEALTHY and HAPPY J

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