Is Weight Loss Synonym Of Fat Loss?

Many people don’t know the difference of weight loss and fat loss and due to this lack of right information they end up losing weight and grow weaker. No one wants to look weak, if you want to look slim then concentrate on losing excess fat of your body not the weight. Your body weight depends on your height, body mass, bones density, tendency of water retention etc. and your weight can differ in different time of the day too, so stop weighing yourself every day and concentrate on turning your fat into muscle.

Two people of the same height can weigh almost same, but one can still look fatter than another one who has a muscular body. So first if you want to look slimmer check the fatter part of your body and start with strength exercise. Your fat will start turning into muscle. Measure your thighs, arms, belly, hips etc. and see if you are losing weight there. Another sign is your clothes might get loose on you, your friends will notice before you do.

Once you lose fat from these areas you might realise you don’t even want to lose weight anyway because you look stronger now. And still if you want to lose a few pounds, then you can continue with the dieting and exercise training till you reach to your desired weight and size. One more thing you have to keep in mind is to track your diet, reduce your carbohydrate intake as it absorbs water and more water retention means more weight.

When you lose fat you get more healthy and strong body. For women, ideal fat is 15% of their full body weight and for men it is 10%. For some professionals like models and athletes it is ok to lose weight as they must lose weight to reach that ideal scale. But for common folks, it is not appropriate to lose weight; for them it is important to have the right weight and right amount of fat on their body. It is ideal for them as they look healthier and perform their daily duties in a more healthy way.

So before you become a part of common folks, who are in the queue to lose weight to ape those celebrities, stop and get your fact straight about maintaining a healthy weight. Remember, you are in here to lose fat and not to simply grow thin and end up looking weaker. Aim for looking smarter and grow stronger by turning your fat into muscle.

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