Do’s And Don’ts: How To Prevent Pre-Mature Baldness

Baldness in your 20’s, gives you the freaks right? No one wants to ever get bald even an old age people. Pre-mature baldness has been seen in many people and the numbers of cases are growing rapidly. Research showed that the four main reasons why people are losing hair are stress, malnutrition, pollution and harmful chemicals found in shampoos, hair gels etc.

While it’s absolutely normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair daily, serious hair loss (medically termed ‘alopecia’) usually means that something is seriously wrong with your body; either you are mentally ill because of stress or physically you are being tortured by the chemicals used in hair gels, shampoos etc. It has also been proven that due to extreme mental or physical stress, your body sheds a lot of hair after approximately 3 months. For example, when you recover from a case of food poisoning, you will lose a lot of hair because your hair didn’t absorb needed nutrients during the period you were ill.

“My baldness depresses me a lot all the time and I am a victim of transferring the pleasure to all the college students due to it. At the age of 22, I am suffering from the baldness I don’t know why?” with a heavy heart said by Peter

Similarly, like Peter, Various teenagers are very depressed via baldness and they really need to stop this by consulting the hair expert instead of trying cosmetics and all. Here get the few suggestions which, if you consider will really help further.

Do’s and Don’ts :-

Eat right, keep your hair right; strands of hair are made from a protein called keratin. So, you are supposed to eat food rich in the essential proteins and you will see an 80% change in your baldness case. Also, it is recommended that you drink one glass of water every hour and get minimum 7 hours of sleep every day.

And if you are a smoker, it’s a good way to smoke away your locks of hair. The Carbon Monoxide (CO) present in the cigarette smoke reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and other nutrients to your hair. Nicotine further thinners the blood vessels present in the scalp, which spoils your hair even more. Even alcohol drinkers are at risk although moderate drinkers aren’t at much risk…regular drinking causes dehydration, which is not at all good for your hair as with this your hair will dry up dramatically.

And women are not luckier, similar cases have been found in women. Rapunzel hair is getting rarer to find and proper care should be taken by women. Actually, more care should be taken because women’s hair is longer; therefore, it needs more nutrients and care. On the cosmetic side, avoid using synthetic products as much as possible. You should only use natural shampoos and conditioners; avoid using things like- hair glue, hair gel, hair serum, etc. Also, you should eat well, develop good habits and stay HAPPY always.

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