Are You A Chain Smoker? Use The Following Measures And Leave It Today

Are you a chain smoker and looking for the ways to quit smoking? Don’t worry as the task can now be accomplished successfully with ease. I know, how difficult it is to quit due to the nicotine addiction. But there are people who have successfully done it. Undoubtedly, quitting smoking needs a lot of physical and emotional control and everything is possible if your will power and family support is with you.

“Thomas from Perth, Australia, 25 years old was very addicted to smoking, actually he was a chain smoker, but with great determination and via some medication left smoking for forever.”

There are many ways to overcome the physical addiction, like- using nicotine patches, inhalers, gum and so many others. There are medicines that reduce the craving for smoking and make it less desirable. Varenicline (chantix) and bupropin (zyban) both are the medications that work wonders and enable quitting.

Different kinds of studies show the combination of medications with nicotine replacement create magic and help in quitting. Two Duke University researchers did the research of finding the most effective way to quit smoking. After the research they found that people who used varenicline and bupropin along with nicotine replacement could much easily succeed in quitting than people taking just varenicline and nicotine replacement. This result was published in the American journal of psychiatry also so one can trust on that without any doubt.

The research conducted by the South African team, suggests that when smoking cannot be reduced through only using nicotine patch, medications like varenicline and bupropin brings better results. But you must be careful in using these medications as these medications bring side effects like nausea, sleep problems, constipation, and depression too. So don’t think to take it up without any consultation from your doc.

Good Planning And Get Better Results!

Smoking can be quit through good planning. The addiction can be broken through “stages of change. You will travel through different stages before attaining the goal. The various stages are:

STAGE 1- In this stage, we know that smoking is bad and we think of changing in the future because we think smoking will not cause any harm to the body now.

STAGE 2- In this stage, you are in a dilemma, you know that quitting will be the best for your well-being but you still think you really need to?

STAGE 3- You have decided to quit and start looking for the ways to quit.

STAGE 4- You set target dates to quit and you achieve it for a while.

STAGE 5- Temptation spoils your determination. You want to go back to smoking again.

But this is the most obvious stage; with necessary steps smoking can be curbed.

You Are On The Right Path!

If you have set the target date and have stopped smoking for a while, then you are on the right direction, because this is the first step towards quitting. If you didn’t able to make it, then try again and don’t give up because many quitters have gone through this stage. Using nicotine replacement is a better way to reduce the chances of smoking, if this doesn’t work out you can reach out to your doctor and start using the combination of medication and nicotine replacement for better results.

Aside this, there are behavioral therapies also applied by the doctors, that help one to emotionally and mentally detach from cigarettes. Quitting is always the best thing to do, because according to the study published in Archives of internal medicine, the researchers of the German cancer center in Heidelberg proved that quitting increases longevity, even for people who quit in 80 years of age.

Try to quit smoking by given measures and I’m really sure that you’ll make it for sure!

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