Asia’s Slowest Internet Connection Is In India: A Report

As per the survey, it has been found – Asia has the slowest internet connection tempo as compare to other part of the world. This report is specified by Akamai Reports, which was presented to state of internet report.

On the contrary, In India, internet speed is 1.7 Mbps which is lower than even Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. In terms with internet speed, India comes on 118th rank.

According to Akamai report, in India every quarterly speed of internet increases by 8.4 percent, where as annually speed increases by 24 percent only. Since, internet speed in the global world is 3.9 Mbps and the maximum speed is 21.2 Mbps, India’s maximum average speed is 12 Mbps.

In the report, it is mentioned that in India only 0.7 percent internet users use 10 Mbps internet connection, whereas 4.9 percent users use 4 Mbps speed of internet connection. According to Akamai, in India, the highest speed of broadband is 10 Mbps.

This report is published on the basis of request known from HTTP/S platform. It is surprising to know, the highest internet speed is in South Korea. Here, the highest average connection speed is 23.6 Mbps and maximum average speed is 68.5 Mbps.

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