Why Social Media is Dangerous to Teenagers?

Every single thing in this world has two facets so the SOCIAL MEDIA too. This is called one of the bestest and easy to use digital platform to communicate with the people- Known and Unknown all around the world. Also, various companies, bloggers, celebrities, small to big industries are using it so well for better promotion and communication. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Tumbler are a few of the most popular sites that everybody uses for different purposes- creating and sharing contents, stalking each other, chatting and so on.

SOCIAL MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA Addiction, Facebook Addiction, Teenagers

SOCIAL MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA Addiction, Facebook Addiction, Teenagers


So, where the DANGER is or why social media is getting negative reputation? Well, when it is connected with the TEENAGERS, it starts generating poison to affect their lives in the form of- DISTRACTION, JEALOUSY, INSOMNIA, and yes BAD PRACTICES. Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of good things about social media — but at the same time, it is known for numerous risks, which teens should avoid. Teens – are known for their curious nature, shallow knowledge, imperfection as well as they are not so good to make good choices. Certainly, today’s teens are better and smarter in almost every field, but at the same time, they can be worst than ever. As per random Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey it has been found that most of the young students are found in all sorts of bad activities ranging from drugs, alcohol addiction to unprotected sex, and social media addiction and its wrong use is one of them.

It is said, “Teens these days don’t want to FACE A BOOK, but want FACEBOOK”, hence coming to their connection with social media, numerous studies have shown that these young people are ACTIVE all around-the-clock in their social media accounts even if they are in the school and colleges. They are unaware with the fact that the world of social media takes a mental and emotional toll on most of them, which easily leads to isolation, anxiety, and depression. Not only this, it has been found that social media addiction is something can’t beat by any and it is more addictive than alcohol, smoke or anything else for most of the teens. It is good that teens are able to build friendships and relationships via the internet, but when it comes to the interaction with someone unknown to them, it can be dangerous. Also, when they post something to the social media- real photos, videos, true information (about their school and the city where they live), and other various things which are inappropriate, can lead to the problems.

Problems like- they can be contacted online by the stranger, who can make them feel scared or uncomfortable or may cheat them in any way or may send them contents that are inappropriate for their age or affect them badly or they may like the same and go on the wrong way.

Parents and teachers can play a great role in terms to control their children’s activities in a friendly manner and by letting them know the pros and cons of the same. Parents should need to put initiative and ask them to think thrice and more time before hitting ENTER button, while using the social media platform or talking to the stranger, also let them know the importance of time, studies and family, ask them to use privacy settings and the best part is- be FRIEND of your child and do everything with them to stay happy and to avoid future troubles.

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