Packing In Haste And Regret Later!

Packing for travel is an art that can be perfected with practice. The seasoned traveller does not carry his whole household in his luggage; he or she just packs things that are absolutely essential for the trip. They also pack clothes suitable for the climate and culture of their destination. It does not make sense, if you are going to a country with modest or hot climate and you have packed your favourite fur coat or woollen dresses. You will not have a chance to wear it dear… Again, if you are going to a fairly developed country, there is no sense in carrying a horde of electronic items that you can be easily purchased.

Even if you are not a seasoned traveller you can avoid making packing mistakes by using common sense and logic:

  1.       Packing too many or less things: It does not make any sense to pack too many clothes, and end up leaving little room for your shopping, avoid packing complete sets of clothes, pack clothes that go with other items. Do not pack things that you are not going to use on the trip; do you really want to be the only one in a room or on a street wearing a mini skirt or a bikini in a conservative culture? Leave your fancy clothes at home and pack sensible clothes. On the other hand, you may end up packing too little and running around buying things because you did not bring them along with you.


  1.      Do not forget to pack suitable chargers: Gadgets are a way of life for the modern man and woman; very few of us do without them. Gadgets need chargers, make sure that you pack one charger each for the electronic items you are carrying, for example- you are carrying a smart phone, a tablet, and a laptop make sure that you pack their chargers as well,  unless your gadgets work on universal charger.


  1.      Toiletries need to be carried in your luggage: If you are carrying normal sized toiletries you have to carry in your luggage, not in a handbag or carry on.  The prohibition on carrying normal sized toiletries is made some time back, yet many people keep on carrying them in their carry on. They are caught on the security camera and have to offload them. To avoid embarrassment, it is better to stick to the rules and do not carry prohibited items.


  1.      Leaving a space in your suitcase to pack souvenirs: Unless you are travelling on some urgency, you are going to buy and carry back some souvenirs for your friends and family. How are you going to carry them if your suitcase is bursting with things that you do not need for the trip. It is judicious to keep some space in your luggage to pack your shopping and souvenirs.


There are other packing mistakes like packing liquids with your clothes in the suitcase, carrying clothes that are likely to be wrinkled, packing delicate items without using protective covering and sometimes packing so many things in your suitcase that they are likely to burst at seams.

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