Youth – The Torch Bearer Of Future

Youth – The Torch Bearer Of Future

The word “youth” represents energy, charisma, excitement and what not now as in today’s fast moving and quickly changing world the youth is also embarked with responsibilities. Any state or any country’s future can be considered bright if the youth of that particular state or country carries a certain vision with him, if one goes into depth one can also say that even a household’s future is bright enough if the youth in that particular household are visionary enough.

           The youth population in today’s scenario is of prime importance. As one can summarize some of the prime responsibilities of today’s youth should be:

  1. Today’s youth should be a real visionary and should sense the future. He should not be a prototype and follow others with closed eyes and ears but should apply his own sense in either doing or not doing a particular task.
  2. The youth of today should lay prime importance to education (without proper education one cannot generate ideas and without ideas dreams can’t be realized). Hence good education is of prime importance as it lays proper foundation in building the future.
  3. There are certain professions which are not receiving an equal degree of acceptance by today’s youth; some of these professions are politics, armed forces, social organizations & NGO’s etc. These professions instill the power and ways via which a country is run and administrated hence the young population should aim towards joining these professions with an open mind.
  4. The youth of today should work towards changing his attitude and should develop a positive sense towards the society. No society can be developed if the attitude of population is not changed. The youth should develop his mindset regarding certain subjects such as empowerment of women, equality among men and women, basic education to all, basic health facilities to all, safeguarding the environment etc. A positive attitude of the youth towards all these subjects will ultimately result in positive attitude of the nation or state.
  5. Goal setting is another important responsibility of today’s youth in a broader sense. One should identify his goals and should set benchmarks from time to time in order to achieve them. Absence of proper goal setting puts any individual in a confused state of mind from where he is clueless regarding the path to be followed.
  6. In most of the cases it is the youth stage which only determines as to how a particular individual’s career or life will be shaped in coming times. Hence one should maintain good habits during this span of time. We have seen a large number of cases wherein youth have involved themselves in items like drugs, liquor, tobacco etc hence deviating from their correct path.

  Often youth population finds itself up in a situation wherein it is unable to decide between rights and wrong, for situations like this it is often advisable that one should then look towards his seniors for advice and then should follow his heart since doing what you like is of utmost importance.

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