Why Girls Are Subjected To Molestation

Why Youth Girls Are Subjected To Be MolestationToday the girl’s particularly young girls whether they are minor or teenage are subjected to severe harassment by the men of all ages. These incidents are raping, molestation; misbehavior by men put our nation in poor light and got media coverage. These incidents not only affect our country’s image and even due to this hospitality and tourism industry are in shambles. We cannot forget the Delhi Rape Case. These kind of rogue and vulgar incidents should be dealt with firmly and the accused should be punished strictly. The judgments will send clear signal to those who indulge in these incidents and will have some impact on the society itself.

But the law is not solution to stop or minimizes these types of incidents. In a country like India where girls are equal to goddess and our epics and other books mentioned it several times. These kinds of incidents make the right thinking people will hang their head in shame. With teenage boys and girls mixing freely with each other from their childhood days it is surprising to see these kinds of incidents. When you see the background the girls are subjected to misbehavior, raping, and molested by their relatives and friends. Why the men are doing these incidents and there are several theories connected with it.

Girls are not even protected at her home and girls now are working like men and they may be the sole member of the family to earn and take care of their siblings. They work far away from their homes and some youth girls staying in hostel. The incidents like these will send wrong signals and put the family members in a spot. Youth Girls always bear in their mind about their family values and our culture but these culprits destroy these values and ruined their career. Because of this some parents are now stopping girls to work out or roam outside. Due to those culprits today’s girls are suffering from these kinds of obstacles and it should not be happened as everybody here has a right to work, to speak, to roam.

Rape and then killing of girl I don’t understand that why the males are doing this? This is the question everybody raises and it is for the persons who do these kinds of barbaric acts. Are they psycho or mentally retarted. Even having a wife a person is involving to rape a 5 years old girl. Not only this, girls are also misbehaved and tends to be the part of honor killing by their parents or relatives. Why they are encouraging to do such kind of activities? These kind of a person is subjected to be conselling. Also you need to be more aware if you find any person behave strangely you need to monitor on his activities regularly. People need to be more aware now and support the Government to stop such kind of activities.

What is the solution? Everybody is asking the same questions and media and press are discussing about the right solutions. But the real solution lies in between the person who is encourage of doing such awful practices. The male members should treat the youth girls with dignity and honor them. Also another solution is each and every youth girls can go for martial arts training to keep the rogues at bay. Not all youth girls can avail the opportunity but parents should support them and Government should start free courses of self-defense for girls at schools. The male who is young or aged should be given the lesson on how to behave with their family members particularly youth girls. First the mentality of the youth in particular the males has to be changed and if this is done it will go a long way in putting an end to these kind of incidents.

Be remember the youth girls who are killed after rape and honor killing can be the future Kalpana Chawla, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal or any other big personality who can make proud to our country. It is a heartily urge to all please save the girl and make them live freely. Save Girls Save Earth!

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