When Books Become Burden: The Negative Effects Of Rigorous Educational Programs

When Books Become Burden- The Negative Effects Of Rigorous Educational Programs

When Books Become Burden- The Negative Effects Of Rigorous Educational Programs

Education is a vital part of today’s world. However, education does not just mean bookish knowledge. Many other things such as character building, behavior refining, social value building etc. come under education too. However, these days, it has been noticed that educational institutions are hampering students with more and more books in the name of career and future.

Academics are important, but that does not mean that the pressure of books should be too high or almost unbearable. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when the burden of books becomes unbearable. A few negative effects of too much pressure of books are the following:

Viewing Education As A Burden

When the pressure of reading and writing is too high in a school, the students automatically become frustrated. They see education as some kind of burden in their lives, which is never a good thing. Education should never be treated like a cause of headache, however, with some extremely rigorous books and examinations, many institutions are almost forcing the students to see education as a great burden.

Focusing Too Much On Career

As the pressure of books increases, students who want to score good marks automatically try to study as much as they can. This leads to a lot of anxiety. The students not only get very much worried about the future, but also isolate themselves from their friends and relatives. This kind of behavior may even result in suicide attempts in some extreme cases.

Facing Mental Or Emotional Stress

Most students have parents, relatives and friends who expect a lot from them. This phenomenon results in students being really worried about their performance. Some students think that they are not good enough, and that leads to depression. Moreover, many students, in order to keep up with the expectations of others, put themselves through an extreme amount of work, which may cause severe stress and vanishing of the excitement of living. Even some of the students are not capable enough to handle up these burdens and due to this they curb in the fact of weakness in various subjects, skipping or bunking school and fear of bad results. Not only this some students not able to face their parents and teachers and do suicide due to this small problem. Well this term should be sorted out as soon as possible and schools and education government should take the essential steps with which education can be more interesting and burden of books and pressure should be reduced.

The above things or situations are the basic things that happen when the pressure of books increases.  Education is never a burden; however, if students are forced to see it as such, the results can be dangerous. It is, therefore, best for students to not focus too much on a single thing, and enjoy life from every angle possible. Education and career are important of course, but that does not mean that a student should learn to live without other important things that life has to offer!

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