We Want Placement, By Hook Or By Crook

Jobs Available only on solid references

In this modern era it is very difficult to get a job in any company without having a solid Reference. This is a new trend in the globalization to get the job on the reference basis. Although this is not a fair practice but everybody is getting accustomed to it. Before appearing in any interview we all look for the jack that can get us through the interview. In other words I could say that to get a good job in a reputed company with a good salary package you need to have a solid source or references.

When I hear about somebody getting a job through a jack, I detest it. I loudly declare that this is a wrong practice. One of my seniors was an average student during his engineering, got placed in reputed company with high package because of the strong source that he had and the other bright students who does not have any backbone to support their placement into the company are sitting idle at home. Though I congratulated him but from my heart I felt bad for all those bright students. But now when the same situation came on to me, when I was unable to find job in a highly reputed company, I asked my dad to find some sources that can get me into an MNC. I myself tried a lot to get in touch with the H.R manager of the companies through emails, phone calls, by forwarding my resume but in vain. But once I found a solid source, I received a mail from the H.R calling me for the interview. The interview was nothing but only an interaction with the manager. Such is the power of a strong source.

In the 21st century, when there are very less job opportunities from the youth because of recession and most of the graduates are jobless, the main objective of the people is to get in to the company by any means and secure the job.

This is however wrong and I am sure all of us knows that.  By doing this we are hampering the job of a deserving candidate. We will realize this when this would be done with us, when someone will shackle our seat with the strong jack. One of friends, who was very intelligent, very hardworking and very determinant failed to get job in any company because he has to compete with those who had solid sources. He belonged to a poor family. His dad was a farmer and does not have any connections in the corporate that could get him a job. Being rendered hopeless with the rejections from many company, he left the idea of working in a MNC and started studying for civil services and finally succeeded. Now he is an example for those who want to succeed with the sheer of their hard work.

How we want to make our career, this is completely our wish, whether through someone’s help or through our own determination and willpower. But once you enter into any organization your success depends on your hard work and knowledge. If you are dump and know nothing, you will automatically be thrown out the company and then no source will work.

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