Uphold A Clean And Green Environment

Environment has become the talk of the day. It is a major problem of the 21st century. It is in fact a problem generated by the people, for the people and can also be harnessed and reduced by the people. Today, globally we have become very conscious regarding the working of the environment. In fact many global, national and regional summits are held each year to deal with problems of the environment. Not only are the heads of the Nations involved in this but also the citizens of the country. In fact this one problem has accumulated each and every human being into a global citizen who has regards about the environment and is conscious and vigilant regarding the mishandling and mismanagement of the resources.

There are many ways in which this environmental crisis can be combated and for this we must generate consciousness within the people. This can be done through the form of many campaigns, meetings, social gatherings in different parts of the country. Schools and colleges execute a very important part in instilling these values in the students with the help of environmental class and field work. The role of NGO’s and their campaigns are commendable. These NGO’s opt for cleaning public places, initiating protest marches against the use of plastics, and other such causes.

In the grass root level, people in villages have taken to the use of renewable and alternative sources of energy like solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy and the like. These sources do not have any adverse effect on the environment and are always available for using. They just have to be harnessed properly. Today many hotels, restaurants, hospitals and shopping malls run on solar power. In villages people even cook in solar cookers and heat waters in solar water heaters. Windmills and hydel power have become alternative sources for generating electricity instead of using coal.

Some very basic rules that are to be followed by all to make the environment a better place includes:

  1. Switching off lights and fans when not in use
  2. Do not waste water
  3. To go for water harvesting sources
  4. To cover short distances on foot, cycles or shared transport
  5. If many people go to the same area they can join hands and opt for a car pool instead of taking out individual cars
  6. Keep the roads clean
  7. Distinguish the degradable and bio-degradable wastes and then disposing them properly and accordingly
  8. Stop Using Polythins
  9. Plant more trees

Nationally too, several projects and movements were started for the benefit of the environment and for the benefit of the people. For instance, The Narmada Bachao Movement, The Chipko movement, Go For Green and several other water harvesting projects, and afforestation projects are taken up every year.

Internationally many summits are held where deliberations are made to reduce noise levels, standards are set for checking the air pollution, some elements and chemicals which are said to be harmful to the environment are banned and other decisions are taken up.

Thus, people in each and every ways are conscious that as long as the environment exists, they exist and thus they are taking up measures to maintain and clean and green environment. Wake up guys and contribute to save our environment.

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