The Great Youth Icons Of India

youth icons of india

We all are familiar with the adage- birds of a feather flock together and the youth behave in the similar fashion and hence are most influenced by the celebrities. This is quite natural, for the youth’s mind is impressionable and can be easily influenced. So great is this influence that there is a perceptible change in their behavior and personality and they behave like their favorite youth icons. The youth try to emulate the youth icons in the dress they wear, their hairstyle, clothes, language and behavior, So much so that their personality gets completely transformed.

Youth select their icons from the Bollywood celebrities, sports persons, politicians, social workers etc. Some of the most famous Indian icons are Amitabh Bacchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ranbeer Kapoor, Prianka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Mahender Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Ambani, Anna Hazzare, Rahul Gandhi, Kiran Bedi to name a few.

A few very famous Indian youth icons that influence the lives of the Indian youth are:

AMITABH BACCHAN: Amitabh Bachhan was the recipient of youth icon award in 2009. He gained his first popularity as an “angry young man” in 1970s and since then he continues to influence the Indian youth. He occupies the slot box office India’s top actors list for a record of sixteen consecutive years.

SHAH RUKH KHAN: Shah Rukh Khan informally renowned as SRK, “Baadshah Of Bollywood”, “King Khan”, and “king Of Romance” is one of the most famous actors of Indian cinema and is loved by the Indian populace. He is involved in various philanthropic activities such as health care, relief funds and children education for which he was honored with UNESCO’S pyramid con Marni award in 2011. The Indian youth copies his dressing style, hairstyle and even the way he deliver his dialogues and the way he laughs.

PRIANKA CHOPRA: Prianka Chopra is Indian film actress, singer and a song writer. She has won FEMINA MISS INDIA title and MISS WORLD in the year 2000. Besides acting, Prianka Chopra hosted a reality show “khatro ke khiladi” on the television and has written columns for India’s national newspaper. She has also engaged in philanthropic activities and was appointed UNICEF GOODWILL AMBASSADOR for child rights in 2010. Recently Prianka Chopra has released her music single “In My City”.

MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI: Mahindra Singh Dhoni is the captain of the current Indian cricket team. Dhoni is the recipient of many awards including ICC ODI PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2008 and 2009, RAJIV GANDHI KHEL RATNA AND PADMA SHRI. The TIME magazine added him as the 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE OF 2011. He is the icon of most of the young Indians who loves sports and cricket.  READ MORE

RAHUL GANDHI: Rahul Gandhi is the vice president of the Indian national congress and the chairperson of Indian youth congress. He is the ideal of many Indian youth. Described as the youth icon, Gandhi is the leader of the Indian youth congress and national student union. 

Shrewd market men exploit the influence of the youth icons on their fans to promote the sale of products targeted for them. Thus we find products like motorcycle, health drinks, cosmetics and even lifestyle products been promoted by the youth icons. This in itself is the ample proof of the profound influence of the youth icons.

To conclude, it is the responsibility of the youth icons not to promote any such product or activity that would leave a bad impact on their followers.

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