Social Media Addiction

social media addiction


Undoubtedly we are living in an age where our lives have become a part of the numerous social networking sites on WWW. With the increasing involvement of internet into our lives, an innovative term has in addition entered into our life vocabulary i.e, SOCIAL SITE. Have you feel the difference that nowadays News is now traveling faster than ever before. Whatever breaking news is it appears first on the Social Media sites and then broadcast in like TV and newspapers. The foremost illustrious Social media platform presently is Facebook.

Youth, are using mobiles all the time and they are called to be the most busiest person in this world as they stuck 24 X 7 with it. They all the time having phone call, talking, messaging and chatting while walking on the road, in the transport, in the schools (which is prohibited), colleges or almost all the places which is beyond our thinking. The majority of the people are always looking for to add smart looking male/female in their friend list. They love to increase their quantity of friend rather than quality. Apart this, some aspirants love to add or talk to strange persons with whom they never met before. What are they doing and why we can’t imagine?

Your Facebook account or your alternative social media account could assist you reunite together with your long lost friend or get up-to-date with your recent classmates however that very same account will produce a distance between you and your partner or maybe spoil your long term sturdy and stable relationship or maybe wedding for that matter. Not solely social networking sites, the increase in instant messages, IM’s, BBM, Whatsapp and plenty of additional non-public and mobile electronic communication applications have had its share of impact on the standing of a relationship.

Many breaking news, similar to the attack on Bin Laden’s house in Abottabad and additionally the death of vocalize, were rumored first in Twitter. The bulk the news suppliers area unit presently gift among the on-line Social Media platforms, providing USA news even before they air or print it. The Social Media has in addition competed a decent role in organizing revolutions in associate degree extremely few nations. The power of the Social Media allowed people to overthrow dictatorial governments from countries like state and Egypt. Thus, advent of the Social Media has been a boon for many.

Facebook intentions to be invented for the social purposes only but it is driven by the youth go far beyond just meeting new people and show- off. The recent trend of Facebook and other sites are experiencing is showing off by the youth normally at the age of (20-30 years). Generally what some people do is they clicked the images only to display it on Facebook about their status and standard of living. Youth craze to frequently update of showing up love relationship, job in MNC or a reputed firm, visit of abroad. Here I would like to quote you a real time example for better understanding and that is- One of my friend often change her profile pics and update the picture gallery all the time when she visits to some new and classy places. She has always shown up via facebook that how much she is rich as she visits each time in new places, purchase new gadgets, go in high class restaurants and other fun moments of her life. Like her numerous other users are doing such kind of thing to display how cool they are as well as now all youth are having the face/ body image phobia too. They scare that if anybody dislike their images or put some bad comments on their look then their all the repo will be thrashed. To look cool and smart they are getting into the laser skin treatment, chin augmentation, often go to the parlor and other such expensive procedures done by them to get the best look and ultimately the best snaps which would like by all.  Both girls and boys are hugely and enthusiastically participating in getting the best possible look just only to display their friends. Beyond all doubts Facebook is now used by the youth only as a branding tool and it has really loosened up its actual existence in the society, stated by a Facebook user, Kunal.

As per the live interaction with some social networking users they have also committed that change the profile image in the Facebook is only because to show up the status symbol and to indicate the other users what actually you are? As stated above to look good users are now very serious about their look rather than their studies and for this they are spending a huge amount to undergo with the minor surgeries instead of buying books. A live example of Komal we have, she had a problem with her nose look and underwent to a surgery of nose replacement so that she can able to receive loads of comments from her friends as well as relatives. Well she has succeeded in her mission and really getting good comments and very happy with this but I am in a dilemma is it really so important to have a good comments all the time?

Due to above stated reasons some users who don’t have good looks or chances to visit many places or not having a good job, by seeing all get depressed or sometimes curb in the net of hate and online bullying. Most of the Facebook users I have seen in my life were totally intact with inferiority complexes and due to this they suffer from sleeping disorder and other health issues. I have also seen so many social networking users to deactivate their account or not sign in, or remain invisible so that they won’t feel bad by facing them.

With these aspects, you must have got an implication that how these gadgets and social media sites have trapped us and now we are completely addicted to it like a drug addicted person who needs drugs all the time. Social media’s scope is now fundamentally shifting day by day from the good cause to the vicious.

The other best role of social media sites is they always provide us many reasons and opportunities to remain connected forever with our loved ones in real life. No problem if you stay up seven seas across from your friends and family as  via social networking sites you will remain stay connected with them in such a way that  you are nearby them in the same place. Ayushi Mudapi, 20 years of age, a student, Delhi stated that she would be totally lost or depart with her each and every friend if she stop using her Facebook account. To make a relationship alive and fresh it is somewhat essential to make a contact with all of your friends at least once or twice in a week.

The next best use of social media sites that we can use to identify a person’s ambiance and way of living. It was in the report that via Facebook activities job recruiters are very much influenced to analyze a candidate in a better way based on their account’s status or content. A similar condition applies for the various other purposes for instance; Shruti Pandey from Dehradun said that she got an offer of marriage from Sumit’s family, to analyze about that guy shurti get connected with the facebook and search the guy to check his overall personality as well as his way of living. She found so many images in which he was with so many girls dancing and drinking in a pub, after resuming his overall status and contents she finalized not to get into this relation based on some solid evidences which were totally against of Sumit.

 Not only this social media user’s health is also affecting day by day as they are using to surf social media sites all day and night and due to this their eyes, back and body postures are affecting badly and due to this they are getting into the curb of so many health diseases like- insomnia, depression and obesity.

By analyzing the pros and cons, finally I would like to wrap up the discussion that social media is now not using for the welfare of the society so for this let us work together to remove the evils of networking sites and bring out the best opportunities which our youth can resist for a good cause.

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