Should Your School Going Child Have A Smartphone?

In the technological age of today, everyone has a smartphone. And why it shouldn’t be that way, smartphones are so useful and everything can be done in the easiest way possible. But there is one debate that seems to never end: ‘should your child have a smartphone or not?’. This question has a rather different answer to it, because there are pros and cons of giving your child a smartphone, but it mostly depends on the child’s personality…


There are a number of advantages of providing your school going child with a smartphone. The first is that your child becomes more responsible towards his/her surroundings. He gets the sense of growing up and automatically, his attitude changes. The child also can be in touch with his family at all time in case of some issue or emergency. He has a device which can help with studies and homework. He can be tracked via his smartphone, so he stays within the boundaries you have set for him.


There are a number of cons too, your child is at great risk of getting addicted to the smartphone you gave him. His smartphone can prove to be a distraction from studies and social outings. He has games in his pocket, which is a disadvantage to some extent. Instant messaging and internet can be disastrous to your kid’s studies. He can learn to misuse his smartphone for a number of things, and showing off also can be classified as a disadvantage for him as well as for others too. Even those who have had an ordinary phone once see the smart phone using by their colleague, will demand for the same from their parents definitely. And this chain will go on very long and we can easily assume the further side effects of the same…

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of providing your school going child with a smartphone that have not mentioned above. But most of them are common sense and you should do a little more homework on this subject before getting your child a smartphone.

Conclusion- Here the conclusion is simple; it all comes down to the behavior and mentality of a person you are giving the smartphone to. If he/she is smart enough and knows the importance of studies (and smart phone) they will try not to get addicted to it. If you taught them etiquettes and is sensible to others feelings, they also won’t use it badly to brag or blackmail people. The number of apps and distractions will not be a big deal for them if they know how to control themselves. And the best thing; you can always snatch it and give it to your kids only after their studies so you can motivate them to get studying for the next exam…

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