Problems Facing Youths In Today’s World

Problems Facing Youths in Today

In the modern world with all facilities of entertainment and other activities on hand the youths are getting distracted in their studies and becoming addicted. What needs a self control for youth? There should be a limit to anything. First they should respect their parents and listen to them what they are trying to teach them. If youth don’t do that then they will face the same treatment when they become parents. Getting friendships with girls are now becoming part of the youth culture. Draw a limit and it will be fine for you and your friend. Concentrate on your studies and looks to settle into your career and life first. We must have seen so many cases of suicide, murder, threatening just because of girls. Even a young boy of studying in class 6 or above wants to have a girlfriend and for this he spoils his studies totally. Having friendship with girls has now become a passion. But it should be true and till the end they have to maintain that friendship even after getting married. Due to technology the world has become smaller and the youth is also maturing enough to think and do whichever is good for them.

This is true you never be succeeding in future if you are indulging in such activities. Because of being youth you will be tempted and attracted towards such things normally. But you need to be mature and intelligent enough so that you cannot move out of the track and for this you need to listen to your parents and teachers.

Apart this if you are spending too much time on Facebook and other social media then your life will be in danger definitely. Spending time on social media sites will take valuable time of yours. The friendship is important now for youth rather than their studies. Today’s youth don’t like others to advise them even parents too also they also not having patience to listen. If you are having such behavior then it will certainly leads you in trouble.

Today youths are not well in their study. There may be many reasons for that like complexities in studies, getting attracted in other nonsense activities, burden from schools and family and so many others. If you or your children are facing such type of issues then there is no better option than counseling a child. Parents need to do a friendship with their children and sort out their problem. Parents need to be supportive and always check out that what is they are doing after coming from school. Sometimes youth feels that nobody can question them and they can do anything what they would like to do. But their perception is wrong and they need to support themselves to control.

Since the parents and teachers want the youth to study, study and study. By not giving them any chance to show their worth by taking some unthinkable acts. By forcing youth to study the parents are doing a negative thing to them. As youth they may be excellent in sports and other fields. The parents must encourage the youth to go for more in that line. By forcing youth neither parents will get good results nor a child too.

Today the youth is well informed of all news and events. This is due to the mobile revolution in our country and they are mature enough to handle the things and react to the situations. The family situation makes them think about their parents and it gives them sleepless nights and makes them more mature with their words while speaking with other people.

Apart this if we talk about academics, our country gives more importance on academic record to gauge the performance. They are masters in lesson and when it comes to field work they lack the experience. It is where our academic system should concentrate while studying. Get real time experience to conquer the world and make the studies interesting for the students. All schools should use simple and practical approach system towards the studies of the children. To make study interesting project live examples, tell students to play a role, involve students in so many curricular activities. By this students will not treat studies as a burden and they would like to go school and concentrate on studies.

Support your children like a hell and do communicate with them regularly what they are facing in their life. And for children I can say one thing and that is- Please Concentrate on Your Studies as it will give you everything what you want in your life. Make your parents proud on you.

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