No Jobs No Money No Hope- This is The Condition Of Today’s Youth

No Jobs For youth

Today the problem of unemployment is the major problem in India. There is lack of employment opportunities for millions of young men and women even after doing professional courses. The Students today prefer professional courses such as engineering, management, medical etc. with the hope of getting the job but all in vain.

When I was completing engineering from one of the reputed college of the state, I had a batch mate from different branch, the civil engineering. Before pursuing engineering, he has completed the three years diploma in civil engineering. He was the university topper with 86 percent. A very hardworking person, who knows how to work in a group, was a good leader, talented, honest, and humble and had good knowledge of every sphere. But his knowledge, diploma, degree and the high percent gave him nothing. He is still jobless. His hard work is all in vain. I have seen him hopeless and under confident whenever asked, “What are your future plans?”

This is not only his agony but of almost all the students. For those who are getting job, the salary is the major issue. The salary is so low that it could not meet their expectation and needs. I once attended an interview of a very reputed multinational company that manufactures the best products of the country. I will not mention the name of the company but when I before appearing in the interview, I expected the company to pay at least Rs 15,000 per month at the initial stage of time. In the interview I was told that I had to work for 12 hours daily and the salary was Rs. 8,000 per month! I don’t think so that in a metro city no one can deserve in such a small incentives. Is this what an Engineer, who has invested four precious years as well as fees deserve the same? What is the different between a professional and unprofessional one?

When I was in twelfth standard and denied pursuing courses, my dad, my peers and almost every one use to tell me that there are many opportunities for the bright students. And that for engineers the salary package is very high. Tempted with these words I entered into and engineering college. But now when I narrate them the present scenario, it is these people who says THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR ENGINEERS. And same is the case with the other professional courses asking for the job experiences too and no vacancies for the fresher.

The causes of this unemployment are many. The faulty education system is one of them. The present education system is not job oriented but degree oriented. There is huge number of institutes in India which are offering professional courses. These institutes are being opened not to impart education but to earn money. These institutes promise a good job after the completion of the course, charges high course fee and at the end renders the person jobless and hopeless.

Another cause is the bent of our population towards the professional courses. Aspirants in India are moving more towards the professional courses such as engineering, management, medical courses etc. The job opportunities which are created in our country fail to keep pace with the rapidly increasing professionals.

I would suggest all the youngsters not to pursue career just by looking at the glory few successful people in that field. Instead go for your passion. You will do better there.

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