The Unemployed Indian Professional- Is There Any Way To Get Good Jobs?



The problem of unemployment is not confined to India alone rather is a global issue. This serious problem has been chronic in India with many dimensions. There is lack of employment opportunities for millions of young men and women even after doing professional courses. The number of jobs seeker goes on increasing day after day and the jobs opportunities created for them fail to keep pace with them.

The major cause behind this problem is the faulty and outdated education system. Our education system must be changed according to our present need. The present education system is not job oriented but degree oriented. There are millions of institutes in our country which are offering professional courses. In India you can find professional colleges in every nook and corner if the country. These institutes have done the commercialization of education. These institutes are being opened not to impart education but to earn money. There pay no attention to the personality and the career of the student but focus on their plans to earn money. There is a lack of good teaching faculties in such institutes. These institutes promise a good job after the completion of the course, charges high course fee and at the end renders the person jobless and hopeless. The main aim of these institutes is to acquire the certification only. The career of the student does not matter to them.

 The rapid growth of population and the bent of our population towards the professional courses is another reason for the unemployment among the professional graduates. People in Indian are moving more towards the professional courses such as engineering, management, medical etc. The job opportunities which are created in our country fail to keep pace with the rapidly increasing professionals. The rate of our economic growth is not adequate to meet the employment requirement. Lack of proper and sufficient vocational guidance facilities also aggravate the unemployment problem which is already unmanageable. It is a pity that highly skilled doctors, managers and engineers are sitting idle because there is no fairness in recruitment and other consideration overpower merit.

The government should introduce more and more educational measures to make it job oriented. Affiliation should not be granted to all the local institutes. Some sort of job experience should be given to the students at secondary and senior secondary level.

Banks should be instructed to grant more loans to trained and educate young boys and girls so that they may set up their own enterprises after the professional courses. The commercial banks can play a crucial role in mitigating the intensity of unemployment among the professionals in our country. The public sector banks can finance the schemes aimed at generating additional employment to the young educated people to start their own enterprises. The skilled people who are unemployed should be providing loans to set up their small scale industries and workshops.

 As for the student’s part, he or she should not be disappointed or disheartened. The strong will power can lead them to the success. Opportunities are many, what we need to do is to make strong will power and confidence in ourselves. As well said, “where there is will, there is the way” and you better need to follow the same rule to make your life happiest forever.

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