I Am Alive Here For You And Still Waiting…

This blog of mine is an urge to all the youngsters to give a little time and spread love to the parents and grandparents.

I eagerly waited for him to return from his office. He was indeed a handsome man in his early 60’s. His glittering eyes off showed his confidence. His high held up head and his walk revealed his proud in whatever he was. His imposing image still lingers in my memory clearer than the crystal. He would arrive home carrying a bag and wearing an overcoat which made him look remarkably handsome and I would dash to him calling Nana ji Nana ji.

And he showered all his love, blessings and care upon me. He use to narrate me his stories of success, failure and his childhood which sometimes made me ecstatic, sometimes gloomy and sometimes even forced my tiny brain to ponder. He was the most enthusiastic, lovable, experienced, hardworking and the most successful man in my life. He cared for me like a mother and taught me like a father. Now almost 15 years have passed. Recently I received a letter from him which reads:

 Yesterday eve I received your letter and truly speaking, I felt very happy that at least my eldest baby is worried about me and suggests me to deal to with old age.

 In your last write you asked me how my life is going on. Dear, I don’t want to comment on what others feel for me but what they did was enough for me to analyze their feelings. I had preserved an overcoat since 1979 and your grandma and uncle gave it to a vendor! I preserved it as the memory of my early days of hard work. It was the evidence of my simplicity and they sold it just because it was old and outdated.

  I am in my early 80’s now and it does not allow me to mix up with mines because I can hear them but can’t figure out their speech so these people don’t bother about me. Then why these people interfere in my life? Why they impose their regulations on me? I want to live free.

   I am a man who has started his journey in tremendous circumstances searching for my identity in the populace, have worked hard, became successful, got everything that one needs to live a happy and comfortable life but at last I have failed to get the love of my own people just because they don’t have time to waste upon me.

  Now I am waiting for my calls because my siblings and friends are all away from me. I feel nobody here belongs to me or I belong to none. I have discharged my duty to my entire satisfaction. It’s now your duty to avail the fruit of the seeds I have sown.

 Tears trickled down my eyes, reading this agony of his. Life has completely turned its table for him. I question myself, is he the same man with strong idealism and dignity? Is this the same heart that loved and supported everyone and is now clamoring for the little love?? And the only answer I get is: yes this is the same man but the people have changed for him. His children are now GROWN UP.

 This is the melancholy of not a single man but all at this age because we fail to realize that we owe to our parents. We, the youth can fritter away our time but can not converse with them. Sometimes surprise parents by giving them gifts and show your concern. It’s true that time flows like a wind and the time will soon arrive when we’ll be in their place whimpering for care so it’s better than to confess that we give our old parents a little love and care and believe me, it will be sufficient to make them feel “I AM ALIVE”.

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