Follow Bhagat Singh’s Footsteps For Corrupt-Free India

Gone are the days, when we tolerated social causes, inequality and anything, which making us harm. Today, we can see sparks in our youth, but it needs to be groomed very well and make them so focused to walk on the right path.

Talking about one of the youth icon, who was and still a symbol of Heroism for the society and especially for YOUTH. He was the HERO and died with pride for our country, happily on 23rd March 1931. Bhagat Singh, in such a young age or being a youth, if he can plan to make India free, thus, why don’t we do the same? At least, today, we have FREEDOM TO SPEECH, thus, rather than using this freedom in wrong ways, why can’t we use it for our betterment?

The day when youth boiled…. A COMPLETE REVOLUTION AND SOLUTION…


I personally feel that youth can do every impossible thing, to make it right. How can we forget the contribution of YOUTH in 2012 Delhi Gang Rape Case of 23-year-old young girl? A tremendous role, the whole Delhi youth along with the youth of other parts of the country have been played. They are really praised for their day-night efforts, were beaten so badly, handled carelessly, police force used water cannons, teargas shells and many other things to stop them- BUT THEY DIDN’T STOP. You know what they wanted? Just a justice to that girl who lost her life and women protection…. Do you actually think, were they demanding any wrong thing???

What were the revolt outcomes?

Each and every girl and boy, was the Bhagat Singh of today, during the revolt, and without eating, ignoring pain and personal life, they just jumped down to save women from the demons of the country. It is worthy to note and a good news for us was, finally, Government broken down and provided assurance of complete justice to that girl and her family as well as increased the security for women in the workplaces, on roads and everywhere, all the day and night.

It’s a matter of pride that finally youth has burst, understood the pain, and taken stand to the national level and have let it take on such momentum. HATS OFF TO THEM!!!


FINALLY, youth is changing…


Being analyzing the youth, for a long time, around me, now, I can presumably see that youth is now no longer self-centered and not sleeping, anymore. Today, in various colleges, universities, and many other places, they take up a solid stand for ameliorating college patterns, facilities, faculties and any prejudiced practices. However, if, our country youth, be with the fair and correct opinion always, then the day is no longer far off, where finally our country will be independent, absolutely. Don’t you think up the same, like ME?

Take an oath…

On this 23th March, TAKE AN OATH to walk on the path of Sardar Bhagat Singh, and respect the sacrifices, pain, and those efforts, which Bhagat Singh and other volunteers have put, only for us, our country and for those upcoming generations, who can proudly live here and push the country to the next level. I strongly feel that, only youth can do this, as the Bhagat Singh has done the same and made every impossible thing, possible.

I’m helping women how to be strong, personally and writing to motivate them along with covering other social causes, all the time…Must let me know, what do you feel and how you can be the next Bhagat Singh to change the country?


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