Craze Of Suicide In Youths Become One Of The Biggest Persecution For Their Family

Craze Of Suicide In Youths Become One Of The Biggest Persecution For Their Family

When any person intentionally take an action to cause owns death then it is called as a suicide and this step had been taken by those who are frustrated to the extent from their life or having lots of mental pressure. But nowadays, it become a craze among youth as today’s youth give up very soon rather than fighting from the situation and come out find suicide as an easy way. According to the law, suicide is a crime and completely banned and if any person attempt suicide and fortunately alive then he or she will be punishable by law. Government is very much strict about it now and we need to make more efforts to stop this.

A person who attempt suicide is a big looser and he/she can have any reason for suicide as he don’t understand that nothing is important than life and one’s life cannot make the things correct. There are several reasons for which one attempt suicide like feeling ashamed or guilt or burden as well as victim or fear of rejection or fail in love or exams or family problems and many more.  For such people life is just bind with some emotions and instead of coming out from shock they become depressed and take a step towards suicide.

When a person die not only he make the end of his own life but also there are some other persons whose life become meaningless and they have great sorrow for losing their loved one and that is- A Family. As your life is not only yours but you are linked with several relations that can be very close to you like father, mother, sister, wife, husband etc. who are not able to sustain their life happily without you. When such type of feeling strikes to you then one’s you should think about those who is belonging to you as you can trouble them by doing such a shameful thing. Not only troubles just imagine how they will live without you, just think how they can forget your face with smile, how they can control their emotions. Do you want them to cry for you forever in your extreme dreadful memory? Suicide can be easy to do but always think about the further life of your family which you will be going to make worst than a suicide.

We live our life only once and no one seen what will be happen after death therefore, all should respect their life and do not end it due to some tiny problems. No doubt that there is always happiness as well as sadness in life and we and even our family here to fight with that sadness well. All the phase of life is very much important and in difficult phase while moving backward one should come in front and accept it as a challenge. Our elders also did this and if every one ends their life then no one can survive complete life.

Many times it had been found that a person who seems depressed and faced several times failure in their life take the step for suicide as they are highly ashamed for the failures but they should be inspired by others. Because there are several of successful persons in a world who are known to all have faced great failure in their life but they faced it and become successful. Suicide is not a solution for any problem but it creates trouble for other and shows how much irresponsible and disappointing you are who cannot face some challenges and difficulties. So whenever you think that you want to do suicide just for one time think about your loved ones, their care and emotions and ask yourself are you doing correct with them? Suicide is very daring task and you should show up this dare to fight with your problems only. Whenever you are in trouble or immense sadness then go with your loved ones, share and hug them and you will forget everything. Must try it! Just think over it, avoid suicide and make your life beautiful.

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