Child Labor – Major Social Problem

Child labor refers to the employment of children in the work. The law prohibits the child labor under various acts but still the problem is persisting. It is an issue to be dealt at the earliest because it ruins the life of a generation and makes them unskilled. Without education, they can’t achieve anything. In order to make the children free from work and closer to education, the government and other organizations are contributing a lot. But, still expected success was not achieved. There are many reasons behind it. Any issue can be effectively addressed if the causes were effectively dealt. Likewise the child labor can also be curbed in a better way, if the reasons were effectively resolved.

Reasons for the Child Labor

There are many reasons behind the child labor. Here are some of the important reasons:


This is the major cause that drives the children to work. It is so if the people are poor they can’t afford to food with a limited or low income. In such cases, they employ their children to get income for the family. Poverty is not merely a state of low income, but much more. People should try to improve their income and if they do this makes them free from poverty.

Lack of Awareness

There was no awareness in the people regarding the child labor. People in the rural areas should be educated with the bad effects of child labor and the importance of education to children

Lack of sufficient Education facilities

If proper education was not available to people, they might not show interest in the education and send their children to work.

Lack of strict monitoring

There are many laws in the country but the problem is with the implementation. Even though, certain measures were initiated to monitor the functioning of the act, proper attention is not being paid.

 Measures to curb the Child Labor

If you were to curb the child labor, there were only two options:

  1. The employer should stop offering employment
  2. The child should be prevented from being employed

Strict implementation of laws could prevent the employer from employing children

There are many punishments and penalties for the employer who employs the children under 14 to work but there is no strict supervision against this. A special team must be created for this purpose who should conduct sudden and random checks at the shops and probable locations for the child labor. Severe penalties are to be imposed for the employers. A clear warning is to be conveyed to the employer and this would certainly work out. I am sure that this process will greatly help in reducing the child labor.

Prevent the child from being employed

Now, step into the shoes of the child’s parents and understand their situation that led them to send their child to work. Do not provide them food but provide them a livelihood to earn food. Improve their standard of living and eradicate poverty from India. Educate the people with the importance of education and offer sufficient infrastructure and education facilities to students. Strengthen the schemes like midday meals to eradicate child labor completely.

Thus, we see India as a country with 100% literacy and 0% child labor. Move your little steps and remove child labor from each and every part of the nation.

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