Which is Better- Joint Family or Nuclear Family?

Family is the most important part of anyone’s life; second to none, family plays an undeniable role in one’s life and its presence can be felt even when talking through the phone. Everyone in a family has a role to play, and the family type in which one grows up plays an important role in his/her life. So, you can realize why there is a never ending debate about which family is the best- Joint or Nuclear? The truth is that both types of family have their own ups and downs, below are listed some; the rest depends on you which one you prefer for yourself and your children.

Nuclear Family- Staying in a nuclear family makes each member more responsible. As there is more work to do and fewer people to do it, children learn to do their work themselves and be responsible. Nuclear families also have more privacy, everyone can have their own room and there are fewer crowds in the house. Also, because of less number of members, the financial needs of a nuclear family are much less. Also, when you live in a nuclear family, you better understand the importance of every relation; for example, when you fight with your siblings, there might be nobody to hang out with, so ultimately you avoid fights and cope with each other better.

Joint Family- You have more people to comfort you in times of crisis. Joint families also are more financially stable as more earners are there. You also learn how to cope with persons of a different nature. You always have people to connect with socially and you have more people to teach you life’s values and etiquettes. You also become more sensitive towards the joys and disappointments of your fellow family members. You also can seek help on different matters from many people and come to a conclusion. One of the biggest plus points is that you get to know how to interact with different people. You always have someone’s lap to cry on and to be with you during your problematic times.

The conclusion is simple; both types of family have their own advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to the personal choice and needs. What most people do is that when they get married, they form a nuclear family to stay focused and when they feel it is time, they can join their joint family again and live happily ever after. This is the best way and many people do it, so you get the advantages of both types of family and learn both ways.

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