What Is Inferiority Complex And How To Overcome?

Many people have been telling us for years that every person has a talent that is very important in the society, and every person has an equal part in this society. But even though you agree with this statement in a reasonable and logical way, but you still feel a little insecure internally, and you think that you don’t have as much to offer as some other people around you; if this your case, then you are suffering from inferiority complex. This is a common problem among youth and almost every person in his/her youth goes through this.

In inferiority complex, the person gets jealous of other people’s achievements or of the sources they possess. For e.g. if your best childhood friend is more successful than you in your youth, you are most likely to develop an inferiority complex towards him/her. In many cases, inferiority complex develops towards a person if his/her family is richer and he gets more resources available to him. There are many examples of inferiority complex examples that we can take from our day to day life. And if you give some attention to yourself on this matter, then you will realize that you also suffer from this condition during some part of your day.

But an inferiority complex has its own share of advantages. When the person feels lower than someone else, then he works harder and in the end, he might end up achieving better grades, getting better jobs, succeeding better relationships, and ultimately, the person becomes more successful in his career and personal life. But this hard working attitude also makes the person busier and the person becomes less happy. This has a lot of negative influences on the person’s life, either it is personal life or career.

How to Overcome?

-The first and most important thing to do is to stop putting yourself down in your own mind. Talking to yourself and constantly putting yourself down by pointing out other people’s strengths and comparing them to you is very bad for self-optimism, also, read self-help books.

-Focus on your weaknesses, everyone has some weaknesses and it is not something to cry on. Instead, you should take inspiration from others and try to overcome your weaknesses by polishing yourself. You should surround yourself with positive people and try to take inspiration from them.

-Try to keep your self-confidence, high by practicing different things. The best and most common way to feel confident is to dress appropriately and nicely. You should also focus on another physical stuff like your hairstyle, beard etc. All these things make a person more confident toward themselves. Find a new hobby, keep yourself busy.

These help steps will definitely help you and if you think you suffer from inferiority complex then these points have come from heaven, just to help you! Also remember you are the BEST and VERY SPECIAL!!!

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