Using Too Much Mobiles- Disadvantages And Remedies

Mobiles and smart phones are practically one of the things why we are moving into the future. Nowadays, we have apps for basically everything and anything; from health to games, and music to shopping; it’s just some touches on the screen and your work will be done. But since all of this has become so easy and fun, everyone always stick to their screen. Increased screen time can lead to a lot of things that you don’t want in your life. Although it is very important to be updated with what’s going on in the world.

C’mon guys, always doing something? You might have also seen many people just swiping through their home screen and doing nothing except spoiling their eyes…why is that so? Because everyone’s addicted!

Eric, 16 years old from Ontario, is very addicted to his smart phone which was gifted by his parents on his birthday. All the time, he spends with his new mobile even during his classes. He is suffering his studies and health a lot due to this, but he is unaware of it…  

Is it an addiction?

There are many disadvantages of smartphone addiction, the biggest being the addiction itself. You should not be addicted to anything, leave alone mobiles. This addiction also has a medical term called ‘nomophobia’ (No-Mobile-Phone-Phobia). It is obvious that your eyes are very much damaged after using your phone for long periods of time, and it is easy to spend hours on your smartphone without knowing it. This is because of the activities that can be done with a smartphone; browse the internet, chatting, gaming etc. Addiction to your smartphone hinders your interaction with real humans that are outside your screen. Apart eyes, other problems like- insomnia, heart disease, obesity, inferiority complexes due of social media and many other problems can be there in your life which would be quite hard to settle down.

This addiction is probably a case of too much good…and that’s why you can pull yourself out of the dump only with some cognizance and will power.

How to avoid getting addicted

The first and the best thing to do to stop your addiction is to find some hobbies and keep yourself busy with them. Hobbies are the best way to distract yourself from your phone because you enjoy yourself, not like when you are studying and don’t feel like, that will drift you more towards your phone. You should also disable all extra features and apps that you really like. Or put a security lock on them by which you can access them for only a limited time. And if you know it is serious, hand your phone over to your parents and only takes it for making important calls and other important stuff.

Be smart…don’t be nomophobic and know your negatives as well. In this topic, you might be addicted to your phone and you should try to break that addiction as soon as possible, for your own good. Smartphones are good as they get work done easily, but it all depends on how you use it and what you do to limit your usage.

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