Social Media Effects On Married Life

Social media and the internet have a huge impact on your lives, and our relationships too. A local survey found that almost 50% couples in the US think that social media affect marriage negatively. But, it is also true that in 2011, ‘one in every 50 newly-wed American couples’ found each other online. So, you can easily realize that social media has its own share of good and bad, when it comes to marriage. But first, let’s go through some number:

• 21% married couples feel closer to each other via chatting and online conversations.

• 9% solved an argument by chatting or video call, but couldn’t do it face-to-face.

• 8% of married couples argue with each other regarding the amount of time they spend online.

• 25% married cell phone users felt that their spouse was distracted by their phone during face-to-face interaction.

Numbers don’t lie, two of these points show that social media helped keep harmony in the relationship, and the other two points prove that sometimes the tensions arise because of social media. As technology becomes a more and more inseparable part of our lives, social media have to be used wisely, especially, if you are in a relationship. You have to spend more time with your spouse than on your profile.

Social media can negatively affect your marriage in a great way. Your spouse can easily think that you are cheating on him/her because of the amount of time you spend online. Also, if you don’t limit your time online, you end up spending less time interacting with your partner, which is not good at all. These two points play a major role in your relationship with your partner.

On the positive hand, you can talk with your partner any time, any place via social media, which means that you are always near your dear one and you can talk to your spouse anytime you feel too. But, this is mostly it on the positive side.

The conclusion is that social media is a great thing, but don’t jeopardize your marriage because of it. You should spend most of your time with your spouse and whenever you have extra time, instead of logging into your account, you should spend time with your better half. And also when you’re online, you should be considerate of what you are sharing. By following these small steps, you can have a much more pleasant relationship with your spouse and in the end… both of you stay happy and… you don’t have to deactivate your account J

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