Pets In Our Home? Sign For Good or Bad

They cuddle, they purr… They waggle their tails and fetch your newspaper. And they never stay angry for a long time…But they also shed.

Pets have been man’s true companion since…well, since…forever. Pets can be extremely humble and loyal; they also have been known to be helpful with lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure. Uncountable incidents have also occurred where pets have saved the lives of their masters, gotten them to safety and in the end…save their life.

But obviously, there are plus-sides and downsides of living with pets. And your pet may get you to the doctor or you may end up paying fewer visits to the doctor. It mostly depends on the breed of your pet, if you take proper care of it or not and many other important factors. Let’s talk about the positive half of the subject:

Positive side

Survey shows that pet owners were relatively healthier compared to people who didn’t own a pet. This survey was based upon how many times the person visited the doctor in the span of a couple months. Many researches conducted around the world agree that just owning a dog can lower down a blood pressure.
It has also been confirmed that children who grew up with pets had better allergy resistance towards animals and also obesity chances were much lower. Research also showed that pet owners had much better concentration and studying skills, whether it is maths or language, school children who owned a pet showed better performance.

Apart this, it is also believed that having a pet at home is a ladder of your success, happiness and well-being. Pets are known for the lucky charm of the owner and it is also proved while researches. As well as, having a pet at home always makeup your mood happy and lovely. Even at the time of disappointments or restless moment, their lovely touch and innocent face can waive off your entire problems.

Negative side

The first downside to owning a pet is definitely the cost of keeping it; properly taking care of it and providing the necessities it needs. The ASPCA (The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) calculated the minimum cost of keeping a Goldfish is 35 USD annually. And the numbers rise as the pet’s size increases. And remember these are the bare minimums; so you have to be ready to take some more dents on your purse.

And allergies…if you have any allergies towards dogs, cats or anything with fur. Then…you probably should stick to human companions.

And one more downside is the aggression you may receive from your pet. After all, the 4.5 million people attacked by dogs annually in the US alone can’t be at fault. Sometimes, your pet can turn on you, the injuries may not be major, but still you never know. Survey showed that children aged between 5-9 years are most likely to be attacked.

Apart these, your pet can destroy your valuable items, especially your footwear and clothes. Generally, we can see them play around with these stuffs and really they can harm any of your stuff which you have bought by paying quite high amount.

Also, don’t forget they can invite other diseases and health problems for you, if you are not taking proper care of your pets.

Everything depends on the pet you have, and the way you take care of it. But of course, you have to make the right decision on which pet to keep, you can’t keep a bull terrier with toddlers in your house. As well as if you are a responsible one, then surely you can have a pet and if you are not, then don’t try it to keep as it will affect the life of both.

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