Pet Care Tips During Rainy Season

Pets are your best buddies and everything is depending on you for most of their basic needs. So, if you have a pet, you should know how to take care of it properly, especially during the rainy season (monsoon) as this is the time when they are most likely to get sick. Just like us, even our pets’ need a lot of attention during the monsoon months because of the climatic conditions; the rain, humidity, mud, insects etc. all plays a major role in causing sickness in pets and make them smelly. So, in order to keep your pet healthy in monsoon, follow these basic steps:

Keep the fur dry- Your pet’s fur is its shield against most harms, cold and insects. But wet and dank fur can prove to be the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Make sure to rub your pet’s fur dry before going for a walk and also after coming back from a walk. You can also use a hair dryer for this purpose. Also, bathing your pet can be irritating and tedious, so, use a dry shampoo instead.

Paws need special attention-Paws are prone to infection because they are always exposed to the ground. Insects, grass, mud etc. can find a way into the paw and cause infection. So, opt to get some paw wear for your pet for outdoor use. Or simply keep those paws clean after every walk. Also try to trim the fur present there on the paws.

Dry bedding- Everybody likes a dry and warm bedding to sleep on. And because of the monsoon, it becomes a ‘must’. Keep the bedding dry and change it often to prevent bacteria accumulation. All drink and food bowls should be kept covered. Remember, cold bedding can easily damage your pet’s joints.

Ear cleaning- Some pets like Labradors and Dachshunds have closed ears. This results in accumulation of moisture and ear wax in the ear, which then causes ear infections. Your pet’s ears should always be cleaned after coming from outside or after bathing.

Consider the food- When raining; it’s common for pets to develop some food allergies. So, it is important to check your pet’s diet and feed them right. Add more fruits and vegetables to increase the fiber and nutrient amount. This is important so that the bowels keep moving even when you don’t go for a walk. If you have reduced walking, then reduce the amount of food to prevent overweight.

If you properly follow these simple rules, your pet will safe and healthy for the season. But still look out for infections and go to the vet as soon as you seen one.

Regular checkups and exercise are essential. Follow these 5 golden rules and your set to tackle the monsoon along with your hound.

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