Must Follow Workplace Etiquette: A Note Especially For A Newbie

Workplace or office is a place which is the second most important place after your home. For many people, it might be the place where they spend more time than their own house and no doubt, they should follow some sort of etiquette which is important for healthy relations among colleagues.

Call people by their name

At office, person should avoid calling people like- uncle, aunty, brother, son, etc. whether your colleague is older or younger than you, it is always better to call them by their name, so it sounds professional. If you find this thing odd then you can keep it down to sir or madam.

Avoid personal conversation

You should avoid talking personal problems to your colleagues as it may become an office gossip very easily then. Though you should give a sympathetic ear to a person who is going through a rough patch of his life, but be very sure that you don’t get involved too much into it. It might affect your reputation, work and time.

Be co-operative and friendly

Especially, if you are new in your office, you should be friendly and co-operative with another staff. Be respect towards your seniors as you will get lots of opportunities to learn from them and can take their guidance on various matters.

Do mind your own business please

Stick to your work and don’t interfere in other people’s work. It is all right to lend a helping hand to your colleague, if they need an extra hand, but unless they ask, don’t interfere in their stuff and don’t comment on their style of work.

Respect people’s personal space

If everyone has their own desk to sit on, then you should avoid sitting on theirs place and respect their personal space. Even if you need something from them, it is always better to ask them first. If you have to take something from their desk and if they are not around then you can take but intimate them later so they don’t look for the same thing.

Take suggestions openly

If you are new in office, it is graceful to take instructions and recommendations calmly with the open mind from your seniors and try to learn while putting an extra personal touch in it.

Don’t always complain

Avoid complaining in the beginning, even if you find some problem in the office as it will project you as you have an attitude which cannot adapt the new environment gracefully. Be patient and first learn the new atmosphere of the office and understand who has more authority and whom you can learn from.

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