Magic: The Best Tricks To Survive Hot Summer Days And Nights (Without AC)

Summer is blessing for people from colder countries, yet it can be a horrible nightmare for people living in warmer countries where temperature goes almost half of boiling point.

Though, modern technology has given many amenities to us to cool off in summer, but our power bill also soars and not everyone can afford these privileges at their home.

There are a few tips to cool yourself and your house to bearable limits…

  • First get lighter, wear cotton clothes and as less as possible. Choose a loose and comfortable clothes so air can pass through.
  • To cool your house hangs a wet sheet on your window so air coming from there will pick chill from it making the whole house cold.
  • Another tip is put some ice cubes in front of a fan or cooler.
  • At night cover yourself with a damp cotton sheet that will certainly cool you off and will help you get real good sleep.
  • Whenever feel hot get into cold shower or sit in the bath tub with ice cubes in it. It can be done easily with small children, especially, put them in a small baby tub with cold water. It is playful and keeps their temperature down and makes them happy.
  • You can soak your feet in iced cold water while sitting and chatting with your neighbours or friends or while doing any sitting job, just put a small tub near you and soak your feet in.
  • Drink plenty of water and other fluids, including fruit juice, coconut water, glucose etc. this will help keeping your body clean and improve indigestion and protect you from dehydration.
  • If possible, take your kitchen outside, try to cook outside so house temperature will not rise. Put off electrical appliances off if not in use.
  • Sleep on the ground instead on the mattress. If you have more floors then avoid sleeping on the top floor, better to sleep on the ground floor or basement.

There are many more simple yet effective tips to cool off you, one need to be creative and think of it as not only money saver but fun too.

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