Lots Of Jewelleries At Home? Check How To Care Them The Best

Jewelry is one of the most important things women are crazy about. They would like to get more and more jewelries and would like to have the best ones always. It may always be difficult to change them frequently and acquire the new ones. This applies to the gold jewelery as well as the others. Hence, how new your jewelry might be, it may be out of fashion in no time. This is the reason why many women keep on buying more and more jewelry and mostly much of that would be rarely used. So, the old jewellery which is placed at home gets old and your precious money is wasted.

Cheer up women! You have got some tips to look trendy with your old jewelry itself. This does not even hurt the pockets of your husband or the family. This is because you are renovating the existing ones with very minute but important additions. The best part is that you can do the majority of them at your home. So, wait no more and have a look at these quickly.

1. Facing difficulty in storing the old jewelry?

Storing the old jewelry is truly a hectic job for the people. Most of the times, they prefer to place all at a place in bulk. As a result, the chains get twisted and it becomes too difficult to make them normal. But, if you apply some small tips, you can actually prevent it and also get twisted chains to normal mode. Apply baby powder to the twisted part of the chain and see the magic. You can get it untwisted very soon.

If you wish to prevent such issues in future, here are few packing tips for old jewelry:

  1. Use some straw to pack the thin chains so that they won’t get twisted
  2. If the chains or necklace are bit wide, try using the toothpaste boxes for the same
  3. If you are not comfortable with them, try using the “Press and Seal” method of packing.

 2. Want to modify the old jewelry?

If you apply some creativity and a very little time, you can turn your old jewelry into a trendy one. Here are some tips to you for the same.

  1. Why clear jewelry still? Make it colored! If you apply some trendy colors to your old jewelry it looks pretty awesome and appears to be a new one.
  2. If you have some old jewel with same color, try sprinkling it colored enamel spray which gives an awesome look.
  3. Clean your silver jewel with toothpaste to add more shine to it.

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