Life In A Metro: Pros and Cons

Living in a metropolitan city is a subject on which the opinions of many people differ. Some say, it is much better than a normal town, and others say that life is plain pathetic! The truth is that metro cities have its own ups and downs and they benefit some while, for others, it is the complete opposite. Let’s focus on the pros and cons so that you can understand better.

First, the advantages, metropolitan life is much easier in a number of ways; you have grocery stores and supermarkets in walking distance which means you can easily find whatever you need. There are many more facilities provided to you which make life much easier. There are more job opportunities for youngsters and there are also many more colleges, school and universities for young students looking forward to fulfilling their dreams. This society is also much bigger and better educated. There are more service centers, showrooms etc. so that you have more accessibility to most services. All in all, in many ways, life is much easier in a metropolitan city compared to small towns or villages.

Now, focusing on the disadvantages of living in a metro; the place is so heavily polluted you can’t survive without a scarf on your face. There are many more industries and factories which produce a lot of pollution, whether it is noise, water or air pollution. The population is much more, which means more crowd and less comfort; the roads are always full with people and vehicles. The rate of crime is also very high as more and more people come to metro cities. Metropolitan cities are also very expensive compared to usual towns; in terms of most things such as school/college fee, purchase rate etc. Most things are more expensive and you will have to increase your budget in case you are planning to change to metropolitan life.

These points written above are the most simple and biggest points to consider before moving into a metropolitan city. Metropolitan city life has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you how you handle the situations. For e.g., you cannot move around at night in a metropolitan. These types of things are common sense and if you take care and teach proper city-life etiquette to yourself and your loved ones properly, then it is no doubt that you should try out the metropolitan city life.

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