How To Enhance Memory During Exams?

Forgetting learnt chapter in between your exam is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in the school. The chances of this happening are quite big and quite often, you’ll be the one forgetting learnt chapters. So, as it is important to learn your chapters before exams, it is also important to make sure you have the memory power to keep learnt questions in your head. There are many steps that you can follow in order to enhance your memory power so that you don’t have to race your brain’s horses for an answer you had memorized, but can’t remember.

Consume the Right Diet: Eating the right food is the first thing you should do. Changing your diet can be hard, but you should at least modify it a little. Refined sugars should be eaten at the minimum. And fatty acids also shouldn’t be consumed much. Meat also need to be eaten less, maximum only once in a week. This is because meat contains a lot of fats, fatty acids and other nutrients that cause less memory power.

Quit Multitasking: The one and the only reason you forget where you kept your pencil is you wander off to do some other work. So, it is obvious that when you are studying for your exam, you’re not supposed to do other tasks at the same time; don’t watch TV, listen to songs, or reply to messages on your phone. Put away all distractions and concentrate only on studying for your exam.

Take Breaks: Once in a while, in between chapters, you should take a small break and go for a walk, or listen to a couple of songs. But remember not to watch TV or check Facebook as your study may break due to any news or everything else. You should take breaks in between because your brain is bound to get tired, and you should refresh it time to time.

Get Adequate Sleep: Sleep is also very important, your body and mind need rest, and when your mind is refreshed then only studying is of any use. At least seven hours of sleep is a must for people of all ages. But, you should also keep in mind that oversleeping is as harmful as less sleep. That is why; you should sleep enough, not less, not more. You should also stick to the same sleep routine every day, whether it’s a holiday or Monday.

Follow these simple steps and you will realize, now your memory power turns sharp and you can attempt entire questions well which you have learnt. Follow these steps sincerely, revise your chapters and you’ll see your grades will improve slowly but surely.

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